We’re Building a BREAKTHRU Civilization for Love! Occupy Civilization with Love!

Massed demonstrations for Occupy Seattle/Occupy Earth/Occupy Everywhere/Occupy Love. Downtown Seattle, WA, Cascadia, Saturday 15 October 2016.

Massed demonstrations for Occupy Seattle/Occupy Earth/Occupy Everywhere/Occupy Love. Downtown Seattle, WA, Cascadia, Saturday 15 October 2011.

Kristina Katayama Bass going deep at Occupy Seattle/Occupy Earth, Saturday 15 October 2016.

Kristina Katayama Bass going deep at Occupy Seattle/Occupy Earth, Saturday 15 October 2011.

Things are coming together even as things appear to break apart. We are blessed, as I choose to feel blessed even during these hard times, to live during a time of great ferment, upheaval, transition, and possibilities. “Yes!” is the Answer before the Question is asked. More and more of us are standing up for love, for LOVE, as we reclaim our civilization from the brink of Collapse. We can choose to THRIVE!

No to the 1%’s Breakaway Civilization! We’re building a Breakthru Civilization! For Love. Occupy your civilization. With Love. Yes!

Our human civilizations have merged to become one planetary superculture; or rather ours are in a transition of integration. We are already one species descended from many sharing one planet. We are waking up into and claiming the reality of our own interdependence, rather than the illusions of separation and independence or the tyranny of dependence. Our choices are many.

Among them are we must choose between liberty, interdependence, community, democracy, love, compassion, power, peace, sustainability, and unification worldwide. Or give in to the juggernaut of Empire and fear, of dependence and slavery, of shame and separation, of force and fundamentalism, of war and perpetual violence, of exhaustion and collapse. Which do you choose?

We can break our global civilization down into three parts. They are Mainstream Civilization, which is the host for the parasitic Breakaway Civilization, and the co-existing and emergent alternative, what I’ll call the Breakthru Civilization.

Mainstream Civilization is what we see and experience as “real” for the most part. It’s what we conform to or rebel against or try to rise above. The Mainstream is, for most of us, the only home we “really” know. And the Mainstream is dying. We’re the host for the parasitic 1%, the so-called Breakaway Civilization. In the last two centuries the institutions of the Global Elite were known in sinister yet cartoonish mockery as “the Octopus.”

This parasite is killing its own parents, metaphorically and energetically killing Mother Earth and Father Sky. It’s killing us, for Mainstream Civilization is represented as the 99% by the Occupy movement. The Breakaways live in self-sufficient isolation from the rest of us as they think they can ride out Collapse. They don’t get we all share the same biosphere on the same planet. Where would they go otherwise? Go live on the Moon?

Richard M. Dolan coined the term “Breakaway Civilization” in his groundbreaking trilogy UFOs and the National Security State as he shines a row of spotlights on one of the largest elephants in the room, so to speak. Dolan uses it to describe what could be call the tiptop of “the 1%,” the highly classified, hypercompartmentalized, and ultrarich who squirrel themselves away with their own separate energy resources and access to technologies typically not released into day-to-day governments and the public markets for periods of 35 years or more. You can read the details of his research and conclusions along with his fascinating inquiry into what “constitutes a distinct civilization” at: http://www.afterdisclosure.com/2011/04/breakaway.html.

I’ve expanded Dolan’s concept of the Breakaway Civilization to include the whole of the Global Financial and Power Elite and their Allies. They control and operate a vast and complex international network of force and wealth. This network included control over the international central bank cartels including those dominated by the Financial Stability Board, Bank for International Settlements, the American Federal Reserve, and the European Central Bank. Also, of course, are the Big Banks such as those associated with Wall Street and the City of London.

We also see how the tax regimes such as the American IRS are leveraged by the Federal Reserve and its allies in government to pull more and more money back into governmental coffers to pay back money borrowed from the Fed and finance Pentagon and Intelligence Community highly classified Black Budgets.

The Global Elite include the Corporatocracy, those who dominate Big Business including multinational and transnational conglomerates. There’s the United Nations including the World Bank Group, the International Monetary Fund, and the World Trade Organization. There’s also the G7 and G20, and the de facto Euro-American Global Empire, which includes the U.S.A., the EU, the British Commonwealth, NATO, NAFTA, and other military and economic allies.

One of the hubs of this web of Empire is the now globalized military-industrial-intelligence complex. We can expand this into a mouthful, the military/security-industrial/corporate-intelligence/surveillance complex. The core of this hub is the National Security State, an empire within an empire dominated by the CIA.

The CIA has the Congressional authority to appropriate funds set aside for other agencies without accounting for it. The CIA then funnels it into other organizations within the Intelligence Community and even back into the Pentagon for Black Projects as legally only the CIA can appropriate, i.e. legally steal funds set aside for other governmental purposes. Ever wonder what happened to money supposedly earmarked for projects that somehow disappears, is unaccounted for, and projects talked about vanish from conversation? Politicians and bureaucrats rolling in and out of office also make such accountability harder to track.

Last but not least are the so-called education-corporate complex, so-called secret societies, and the revolving door system. It’s via the latter many of the world’s financial and power elite pass in and out through as they move from position to position among corporations, the armed forces, big banks, academia, private clubs and secret societies, marriages, intelligence communities, and governments at all levels from local to global.

This web of secrecy and force represents the Empire in its ascendency. For me, the Breakaway Civilization embodies malevolent energy. As such it controls, corrupts, and is destroying our Mainstream Civilization.

Now we must create new stories. Together we co-create new stories as we build a new civilization atop the dying Mainstream. Stories have power. They reflect our subjective experiences of reality. We can collaborate in weaving our new alternative mythology. Here resides the power of myths. Symbols harbor and trigger psychic and emotional energy.

There are many ways civilizations generate their self-fulfilling prophecies. One is through their old stories. Even today “Apocalypse” and “Armageddon” are bandied about in the culture at large as we descend further into the global breakdown described by Jared Diamond in his work Collapse: How Societies Choose to Fail or Succeed. We can occupy our mythology and our stories!

We can choose to Succeed!

We can choose to reach out, connect with others, include even those we disagree with, and build community.

Or we can cross our arms and stay locked down with our hearts in chains and our minds numb to pain. And crumble into the Abyss of Collapse.

I choose Life! I choose to THRIVE. How about you?

In the wake of Occupy Wall Street, the term “occupy” has come to mean a level of conscious intention. Instead of mindlessly inhabiting any realm, we inhabit it or claim it with intention and direct action. Occupy doesn’t necessarily mean to take over as much as it means to wake up. The definition is deepening as the movement continues to evolve and morph.

Alongside waves of protests and a subculture of revolution lives a new, rapidly growing civilization, an alternative civilization. Composed of many overlapping subcultures, today’s alternative civilization began to arise in the 1950s and especially the 1960s and 70s. Historically speaking, the roots of these alternative cultures go much further back in history.

We’re building an alternative civilization as we speak. We’re alongside, outside, and inside the dying Mainstream. We’re being pass the torch of life, and we must lift it high for all to see. We’re many, we’re diverse, each a different strand. Together, we’re all One.

There’s no way, especially if we stay nonviolent other than to defend ourselves, we have the force to overthrow the 1%. We don’t have the means to engage in combat with the well-trained, equipped, and indoctrinated military and security forces. We don’t have the means to strip power away from the international central banks or to challenge the Intelligence Communities and their satellite spies seeing us run in and out of certain doors from their orbits in Outer Space. We can vote out politicians but not equip them with the financial clout to get things done without them selves being corrupted. Nor can we safeguard our votes from being rigged.

What we can do is tell new stories. Over time the power of our new stories will wear down the Breakaway Civilization long after the Mainstream collapses as water wears down the hardest stone.

We can continue to protest, to demonstrate, to make noise, to wake up others, to meditate, to pray, to work, to play, to sustain our values, to write, make music, paint, and sculpt. We can continue to occupy as many areas of our lives as possible with intention.

We can continue to build peaceful alternative communities, even inside larger, more established neighborhoods. Intentional communities, neighborhood potlucks, permaculture, sharing tools and food with one another, engaging in NGOs and local meet-ups, supporting organic farmers, becoming our own farmers, learning how to cook again, to cultivate, to harvest, to prepare and store food and medicinal plants. We can make our own local currencies. We can share a global currency. We can bypass whatever Empire of Money the 1% try to shackle us to.

We can support food coops, collaborate in cooperative business structures or others with more of a web hierarchy, and become networks of solo entrepreneurs collaborating together on different projects. We can revitalize and expand apprenticeship programs in a number of areas to teach and train those who seek certain necessary skill sets, whether it’s plumbing and carpentry to working with metal to coding to accounting and bookkeeping to livestock husbandry.

New stories will emerge from all of these. A new politics is emerging. New ways of weaving together the spirituality of old religions percolates. Our entire planetary civilization, the whole 100%, is going through great perturbation. A big shift is upon us. We’re pivoting at the tipping point of the great turning. We can choose. We choose.

As we wake up in the reality there really is a growing, living, reenergized network with tendrils around the planet. It has many diverse elements. Progressive, liberal, green communities and eco-villages as well as groups much more conservative in many of their values.

Libertarians and Socialists, Tea Party and Occupy – all searching or beginning to consider the shared areas of their Venn Diagrams. Indigenous and urban people working together. The full range across generations of alternative people from Beatniks to Cultural Creatives to the Blessed Unrest to Occupy and beyond. People are reaching out across different religious and ethnic divides. There is so much ferment.

Just as the Breakaway Civilization has become a separate entity, the vast and growing web of Blessed Unrest, of Occupy, of art and food and spirit and love and dwellings, so too have we crafted a unique civilization. All of these alternative communities and groups scattered across Earth constitute a distinct civilization in the midst of the crumbling Mainstream. As a civilization we are not necessarily as self-aware as such as we’re so autonomous and local. We’re waking up, waking up into our interdependence, waking up into what the late, beloved Steve Habib Rose of Seattle, Washington once called the People Web.

Instead of breaking away like the Global Elite are doing, we’re breaking back in to reclaim and Occupy. And we’re coexisting peacefully. Perhaps we can reintegrate back into the Mainstream as a hybrid good virus-imaginal cell and transform it. Maybe we’ll keep growing as the awakened alternative, integrating demonstrators and activists and entrepreneurs with communitarians and communalists and coops, and gradually replace the Mainstream as it dies off.

As we tell our stories, we begin to heal the divorce between the human economy and the environment of the biosphere without which the human economy wouldn’t be able to survive in the first place. This divorce began with the Industrial Revolution. We had to go through all the horrors and ravages of environmental ruin and warfare before we could experience the consequences of so-called “prosperity.”

We can look back on our successes and failures as a species, weigh the benefits and costs of our actions, and consider what we learned. We can move forward as an integrated, interdependent species as we build a civilization more healing, loving, natural, cooperative, collaborative, peaceful, sustainable, productive, and valuable.

We’re breaking down the old paradigms of civilization and culture. We’re breaking through the obstacles of our own making from our past and present. We’re breaking through fear and turning away from force. We’re standing in our Power and breaking through for Love.

Recently activist-author Naomi Klein and Wall Street Occupier Yotam Marom had a conversation for what happened and which way forward.

On Martin Luther King, Jr., Day, a holiday here in America, I had the opportunity to join a large group of people in a Transitional Activist/Leadership seminar facilitated by Charles Eisenstein. He authored highly acclaimed books such as The Ascent of Humanity and, most recently, Sacred Economics. He was masterful in getting us to see what we wanted, what stopped us, recognized how much we’ve already done, and what we can do next. We already ARE the alternative civilization, the Breakthru Civilization.

His ideas went beyond Occupy Wall Street as a protest to ideas such as opening closed hospitals and clinics and serving people anyway, to reclaiming foreclosed and shuttered homes and buildings for people to live and work in, to alternative but natural ways of rebuilding a sense of community and belonging between neighbors, to understand how a gift economy functions.

“You have to be crazy to do this,” said Charles. “And as you’re here in this room you already are crazy.”

Stay crazy. The world needs more crazy people. Not stupid, violent, mean, cynical, apathetic, or corrupt people. Just crazy people. With vision…and the courage for action.

We need each other. We want each other. To thrive.

I’ll end with one of my favorite quotes from the Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr., inspired in turn by philosopher-priest Teilhard de Chardin. Activist and entrepreneur Adam Kahane illuminated these in his recent book, Power and Love. The Rev. King, with what feels like deep synchronicity today, titled his speech, “Where Do We Go From Here?” Below is an excerpt:

“Power properly understood is nothing but the ability

         to achieve purpose. It is the strength to bring about

         social, political, and economic change…what we need

         to realize that power without love is reckless and abusive,

         and love without power is sentimental and anemic…this

         collision of immoral power with powerless morality

         constitutes the major crisis of our time.”

Stand in your Power with Love. Shun force and hatred and attachment. Be crazy. Stay crazy. Go.

My Inspiration:

I felt inspired by my dear friend Syd Denise Fredrickson. She helped organized Charles Eisenstein’s recent presentations in Seattle that my then-wife Kristina and I attended. It was my first real exposure to his work. One of her recent Facebook posts in which she shared a recent dialogue between Naomi Klein and Yotam Marom regarding differences and possible mergers between the Occupy movement and preexisting alternative communities was significant in generating insights for me. Syd, thank you.

Syd Denise Fredrickson at Occupy Seattle on 8 October 2011.

Syd Denise Fredrickson at Occupy Seattle on 8 October 2011.


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NOTE: This article builds upon my earlier one, “Democratic World Government as Global Networks of Local Communities,” on my website at http://williamdudleybass.com/democratic-world-government-global-networks-local-cooperatives/. In addition all fotos were taken by the Author.

William Dudley Bass
18 January 2012
Seattle, Washington


Copyright © 2012, 2016 by William Dudley Bass. All Rights Reserved until we Humans establish Wise Stewardship of and for our Earth and Solarian Commons. Thank you.



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