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William Dudley Bass, Seattle, WA, 5 August 2011. Photo by Kristina Bass.

William Dudley Bass

The William Running Bull Group

Author, Editor, & Analyst

What do you need to express yourself boldly? What stories are bursting to be told, but you don’t know what to do next or how to bring it to life?

Perhaps your intentions are personal and private. Or perhaps they are professional and confidential. Maybe you seek to go public and jump into the limelight. All are great, and each path deserves respect. Personal or professional, I can help you generate results in your relationships and businesses with authentic and compelling writing. I provide the skills, tools, and experiences for you to be you.

Do you need the fundamentals such as editing papers or assistance with writing resumes, personal statements, bios, and letters? I can help you get those tasks handled.

What about blogs and web content? Do you have books, articles, essays, and short stories you want assistance with? Whether fiction or nonfiction, I can help you craft content, edit, and revise.

Do you want your writing to provoke? To compel people into action? To inspire? Do you want your writing to be edgy? Or perhaps you prefer a softer, more intimate touch? We can work together on the language and tone as well. It’ll be fun!

As an author, I write to create and to sculpt images with words. I create art with language.

As a human being, I value respect, integrity, authenticity, humor, kindness, rigor, persistence, and relationships.

My background is rich and varied. Over the years I’ve gained experience and generated results in sales and marketing, fixing and re-organizing distressed businesses, current affairs analysis, mountaineering, whitewater kayaking, long-distance backpacking, activism, and in personal growth, training, and development. I’ve developed leadership and communication skills, expertise in relationships, and I’m patient. Over the years my writing has won awards, I’ve published, and built my own website, too. What I stand for is helping people manifest what’s possible with the power of language.

Among my offerings are:

  • Writing and Editing in most categories
  • Creative Fiction and Nonfiction
  • History and Current Affairs Analysis
  • Social Media
  • Writing Mentoring and Training
Public Speaking
Manuscript revisions
  • Content (Developmental) Editing
Copyediting and Proofreading
  • Storytelling
Coaching and Consulting
  • Teaming up on Projects
Freelance Guerrilla Writing!

My contact info’s listed below. Feel free to email me. 

Mobile/Text: Email me first, thank you. Skype’s a possibility later on, too.


City & State: Seattle, Washington

Region: Cascadia & Pacific Northwest

Nation: United States of America

Planet: Earth, or Sol 3

Time Zone: Pacific (3 hours behind Eastern Standard, i.e. 9:00am PST is 12:00pm EST, and 7 hours behind UTC/GMT, i.e. 12 noon PST is 19:00 GMT or 7:00pm.)

Website Home:

Website, “Down the Rabbit Hole: About me in words & pictures,”

On the Road. Crossing California among rolling hills of golden grass & green oaks East of Yosemite National Park on the way toward the Sacramento Valley after a week in the Bay Area with his oldest daughter Morgan. Heading back to Seattle, WA. Self-Portrait, 22 July 2011.

On the Road

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