William on Blackbird Island, Wenatchee River, Leavenworth, Washington/Cascadia. 23 December 2011. Foto by Kristina Katayama Bass.

William on Blackbird Island in the Wenatchee River among the Cascade Mountains, Leavenworth, Washington, Cascadia Bioregion, U.S.A., Planet Earth. Friday 23 December 2011. Foto by Kristina Katayama.

Author, Editor, & Analyst

Outdoor Adventurer & Traveler

Activist & Seeker/Finder/Creator

Philosopher & Storyteller

A Stand for Love, Adventure, a peaceful, united, democratic, cooperative world, and, yes, 

for Full Disclosure

Contact me here: wm@williamdudleybass.com.

A deep love of travel and the desire to explore the universe consumes me. I want to go everywhere, experience remote wilderness as well as vibrant cities, meet people from all around the planet, climb mountains and paddle rivers, explore both forests and deserts, study the histories and cultures of so many places and people, and write, aye, write as long as I live. Writing, however, is more than an urge. I feel compelled to write. My writing explodes from deep within me as expressions of primal creativity and raw insight. It has been so for me ever since I was a hard-of-hearing child with crayons and pencils in my hands.

Fundamentally I’m an artist. My writing and research are not hobbies. They are necessities. If I don’t write I die. At times it’s as if I feel possessed, possessed not by demons or angels but possessed by the real me as the essence of my soul alive in my body. During these times I feel connected not only to the Kosmos but also to the Divine. Such are my experiences of Consciousness beyond the physical limitations of our material existence. I wouldn’t be much of a writer, however, without experiencing community and engagement with other people. These drive me as an explorer, an adventurer, and as an activist.

Being rooted in life in community in this planet allows me to grow, develop, and create. For I cannot merely sit in some far off cabin and peck away upon a keyboard or scrawl in demented longhand in old notebooks. I must stand up and engage. I must take action, indeed, revolutionary action! Have done so before. Many times. And shall do so again. Except I’ve left behind rage, hatred, and self-righteousness to stand for acceptance of what is so whether I like or dislike anything, for radical forgiveness, and for love. Doing so isn’t easy and invites criticism. I’m sometimes scared. Shaking even as I breathe myself still.

Taking such a stand in the face of little or no agreements demands a certain kind of courage, however, in the midst of otherwise unnerving situations. These are in turn part of larger processes, movements thru discord towards harmony. Together we can move beyond mere change to transform our lives. Together we can share our transformation. Together we can awaken, cultivate, and elevate our conscious awareness. We awaken as community with different degrees of disruption, flow, and intentionality.

As such it is vital we human beings continue to awaken from old patterns of self-destruction to build new political and economic systems. We can do better than the horrors we visit upon each other and ourselves. All of us can do better than to reinforce obsolete political, economic, health, and energy systems. We must ascend our current and prehistoric limitations. Our species has arrived at the pivotal crux of our existence. What actions will we agree to do next? So I write like a madman with quick, fierce glances at the sand draining thru the hourglass of life. The action of writing itself becomes a journey of metamorphosis. Be as teams of sailors upon the frontiers of unknown seas beneath strange and unfamiliar stars, and journey within. Thank you for being here now.


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