Travel Quickies

Hey there! Wow, an entire planet to explore! Cool, huh? So, welcome. Let’s go! Let’s have fun! Because adventure travel can be pretty darn hard sometimes. Difficult, dangerous, even scary, and always incredibly rewarding. Furthermore, it’s OK to make mistakes! Life is messy. We all mess up. So own it, OK? Own it now! Make mistakes & learn from ’em, but don’t mess around. We don’t want anyone to get sick, hurt, or worse. Oh, my goodness, lookit! Leave all that heavy stuff at home, LOL! Quickly, too, before I start typing in blankety-blanks here.

Think about it. Your pack’s gonna be your home away from home. So treat it with respect. Protect your home as you would your body as the temple for your soul. You wanna be light and nimble on your feet. Even lighter if you’re on crutches. Here we’re gonna dive into a warren of rabbit holes crawling with Cheshire Cats. You are invited to give feedback and share from your own experiences & knowledge. Consider we’re all in a way forming a community here online. We’re on the same team! We’re certainly all on the same planet. So share & bam bam boom it out across all yer socmed platforms. I’d appreciate you doing so. Don’t worry about not looking suave & professional either. No worries! Yeah, no worries there, and no worries here. Bring yourself and share your stories, too. After all, life is messy! Let’s go make a few more messes, woo HOO!

Thank you.


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