Videos for Rose

There’s a story behind these videos. Both are personal and initially intended to be private. As I’m a beginner with handheld videos, these are, from any professional and even personal viewpoint, terrible in quality. They are shaky, unedited, and thus raw as Hell. Even so, I’m sharing them. Doing so is, for me, a breakthru in shame and embarrassment, of breaking thru mental barriers of not-looking-good, not-sounding-smooth, and worrying about what others may think. Toss all that crap. Yes! Even so, I feel shy in making these videos. My hearing impairment’s there. My speech impediment is there. The TMJ (temporomandibular joint) injuries from long ago gradually worsen over time and increasingly affects the ability to open my jaws properly to speak. Still, I go for it anyway, damn my own fears.

Besides, these videos are not for me. I wouldn’t put them up except to get those videos to someone special who lives far away more than halfway “down” the planet. She is one of the most amazing, inspiring, funny, romantic, and eccentric women I have ever met. We are so much alike with so many unexpected and startling synchronicities we wonder if those esoteric spiritual descriptions of Twin Flames are true. Seems so for us, anyway. Especially as we met by accident in such a fantastical way with mindboggling results. So of course the possibility of us being Twin Flames feels real for us. Besides, even if Twin Flames are more of a mythic fable, it doesn’t matter for we are both at choice to choose the next step together…or apart…moment to moment.

Yes, who knows what the future may bring? Few things last forever. Perhaps nothing ever does. In the now, however, love continues to blossom as we learn to cultivate and navigate the challenges of our long-distance relationship. 

So I choose to put them here. For her. The files for the first one proved too big to send via private instant messaging systems as well as thru email. Nor was I gonna plaster them across Facebook. But I’ll put them here. The second one is shorter, and I put it here anyway.

Rose, these videos are for you.

Well, shit. Same thing with the other methods. My attempts to upload result in the following notice each time: “This file” in BIG RED LETTERS  followed by this comment: exceeds the maximum upload size for this site.

I must chop these down somehow. And that messes them up.

Rose of Brasíl, Rose of the PCT, Rose of the Trails , this still stands. Yes, I shall put them up anyway, Rose of my Heart.




William Dudley Bass
Tuesday 23 May 2017
Seattle, Washington
Bioregion of Cascadia
Planet Earth


Copyright © 2017 by William Dudley Bass. All Rights Reserved until we Humans establish Wise Stewardship of and for our Earth and Solarian Commons. Thank you.





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2 thoughts on “Videos for Rose

    • Rose, what happened that caused you to walk away from what we were building together & disappear? You stopped communicating with me from the PCT, didn’t come to Seattle to be with me after you finished the PCT in Canada as we had agreed, but ended up in Chicago far from the mountains.

      What led you to blow off what seemed so beautiful & extraordinary, that you seemed to cherish, after we both committed to loving each other for the rest of our lives?

      Wow. You ghosted me without any farewell or warning or closure or anything. The grief & heartbreak felt devastating. Don’t do this to any one else again ever. OK? Just don’t. Face your fears fully by facing those who love you. And, Rose, I’m still here in this Earth whenever you are ready to talk & also be listened to.

      Thank you.
      Love always.

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