UFO over Seattle on 21 January 2012

Down at the Seattle Center, I climbed a grassy knoll waving my smart phone around in the sunshine for better reception. Below me in the Fisher Pavilion hundreds of people including many of Vietnamese descent celebrated Tet, the Vietnamese New Year. Kristina, my wife at the time, remained down there with our foreign exchange student from Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam. I turned around, heard a helicopter overhead, looked up into blue skies, and saw the helicopter circling toward Downtown where Occupy protests were occurring. Then I spied the UFO.

What appeared to be a silver sphere moved in a straight, horizontal line from the southeast, or the direction of Downtown Seattle, northwest over Queen Anne Hill toward the Salish Sea. The object flew swiftly and steadily, perfectly straight. It was shiny silver and reflected the sunlight. The sun was low in the sky more toward the southwest. The time, date, and date was 3:00pm on Saturday 21 January 2012.

For a second I shrugged it off as an airplane or helicopter, then I realized, wait, hey, it’s far more silvery-metallic than any of those would be. More importantly, there were no visible wings, fins, rows of blinking lights, jets, or visible thrusts, rocket engines, or propellers. It was silent, and flew so straight as to be smooth, as in none of the buffeting and wing-dipping I normally see even on straight-flying aircraft. At one point the object appeared to pivot or partially rotate while continuing to “fly” in a straight line at a steady pace. When it pivoted, it appeared as more of a silvery rod, a short, stumpy rod, and reminded me of a fat airplane fuselage.

Out over the waters of Puget Sound the object stopped midflight and began to swing back and forth across the sky, then zipped up and down and around in choppy, zigzagging maneuvers. Almost impossible maneuvers. Then it vanished from sight.

Below where I saw most of the activity were trees and buildings, which obscured any further view “downwards” from my line of sight. The sky was blue, but large, grayish clouds were spreading around northwards toward the right over Queen Anne Hill. So I was unable to discern if the object winked out existence as I saw one do before, or vanished from view into the clouds or below the “treetop horizon.”

A moment later it returned, moving northwards and up and down in smooth, fluid maneuvers as it made sharp turns without jerking or jumping about. Then it sped off into the clouds. It was all over in 5 or 6 minutes. I kept looking around, at 3:09 texted my wife and then later my two oldest daughters.

It caught me by surprise. I was tempted to entitle this article “The WTF UFO, ” but decided against it.

I don’t know what that UFO actually was. I do know it was not a Chinese lantern or balloons or the planet Venus. Or fireworks. Nor was it a rocket or missile. It’s possible it was an aircraft, I suppose, but it was unlike any I was remotely familiar with. I watched big jumbo jets fly in the distance as well as more helicopters. It clearly was not a helicopter, and the UFO, while shorter in length than any of the airliners and without any wings, was much larger in circumference than the fuselage of any of the big jumbos.

Nor was it shaped anything like a drone, which are either missile-shaped or triangular stealth airplane shaped. Recently when U.S. Military personnel escorted a stealth drone across America from the Great Plains to the Mid-Atlantic on a giant flatbed truck, having to remove traffic and commercial signs and utility poles along the way, many swore it was a captured UFO or reverse-engineered human saucer hidden in plain sight. No, sorry, the Military replied. It’s a new secret weapon, a stealth drone robot. In plain sight, for sure.

As there are a number of military bases in the greater Salish Sea region, perhaps it was a top-secret military craft. Why have it zip and bobble over Seattle in broad daylight then? Perhaps because it can. With so much going on from recent winter storms to Occupy demonstrations to Tet and East Asian New Years to the Rat City Rollergirls there were many distractions. Not every one spends an inordinate amount of time starring up into cold air and bright sunshine. It was by chance I spied it. I never would’ve known otherwise.

If it was not a human craft, then was it extraterrestrial, interdimensional, or temporal? Possibly, and I have no idea. I’m inclined toward classified human weaponry or alien E.T.s including possible machine intelligence than anything else. Although there are growing numbers of UFO sightings people call orbs and rods and plasma entities. The object was clearly acting under intelligent control and direction.

It behaved somewhat similar to a spinning, orb-like yet saucer-shaped UFO my wife Kristina and middle daughter Kate saw back in July 2011 from Mt. Erie, Washington. And the UFO my entire family witnessed together back in the mid-to-late 1960s on our family farm in Virginia was an enormous metallic sphere, which “felt” like a spaceship to us.

I was somewhat shocked and stunned to see a third UFO, the second in about six months. It couldn’t be happening! People will think I’m a nutcase and a stupid one, too. Ouch! Doubt crept in almost immediately. In Buddhism doubt is the fifth and greatest of the five hindrances, and so once I recognized my doubt I kicked it out and let it go. I did observe an Unidentified Flying Object from atop a grassy knoll at the Seattle Center. It did not resemble nor maneuver like any object I am remotely familiar with…except those previous two UFOs.

If anyone else saw or recorded the same or similar anomaly with perhaps a clearer answer to the mystery, I’d love to know. Thank you.

William Dudley Bass
21 January 2012
Seattle, Washington

For my other UFO experiences please see the following articles on my website On Earth at the Brink:

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Copyright © 2012, 2014, 2016 by William Dudley Bass. All Rights Reserved until we Humans establish Wise Stewardship of and for our Earth and Solarian Commons. Thank you.




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3 thoughts on “UFO over Seattle on 21 January 2012

  1. My maternal Aunt saw one hovering over Timberlake in Lynchburg in the late 60’s. She is the soul of integrity and would not ever lie about such an occurence. She doesn’t like to talk about it, but she will affirm it.

    My paternal aunt who lives in Amherst, saw one in the early 70’s. She was terrified. At the time the GE plant at Mount Athos (near Amherst) was wideley known to be doing some “top secret” work for the government.

    With the company formerly known as Babcox and Wilcox, and now known as Arriva based in our town, a company which worked on and designed nuclear reactors, and GE there as well…. can’t help but wonder if this attracted the attention of higher sentient beings from a realm not of this Earth…

    • Devon, thank you for sharing your story. Also, my apologies for this delay. I remember writing you back almost right away, & for whatever reason it didn’t take. Thinking it did, I moved on without circling back. One of my good friends & a brother-in-law, a buddy named Dale now deceased, told me a few stories of seeing UFOs while up in the mountains outside of Lynchburg & also of some of his other buddies who witnessed mysterious & freaky flying objects while four-wheeling in a jeep up some steep mountainside. Didn’t turn into anything like Travis Walton in the movie “Fire in the Sky,” thank goodness.

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