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Ships of Mind?

Sketches made by the author the evening of the same day he witnessed the UFO over Seattle.

Sketches made by the author the evening of the same day he witnessed the UFO over Seattle.

Close up of one of the author's sketches of the UFO he saw on 9 September 2015.

Close up of one of the author’s sketches of the UFO he saw on 9 September 2015.

I saw a UFO today. Quickly. Clearly. Briefly. Boom! It was over there. Now thatta way! It’s moving around across the sky. Oh! Now it’s spinning and performing loops and changing shape. Whoa! Now it’s… Boom! Gone. UFO = Unidentified Flying Object. No sign of it anywhere. And it’s not a drone. Drones do not wink out of existence, as orbs do, and it’s too big for a drone. Unless cloaking technology is developed enough to hide ships in flight. This silver triangle looked like a mechanical craft, performed normal actions such as flying in a straight line, and crazy actions such as spinning around in loops. Then this UFO did the unexpected as it changed shaped and winked out of the sky.

I’m driving in notoriously bad Seattle traffic. The time and date was about 11:45 in the morning on Wednesday the 9th of September 2015 when I drove south across the Ship Canal Bridge on I-5. Traffic was somewhat heavy yet surprisingly open. It flowed swiftly for us city dwellers. Call it fast molasses. I love to scan quickly around at the scenery when I drive over this high bridge, and I did so again today. The views are incredible. To the east stretch the Cascade Range punctuated by enormous volcanoes such as Mt. Rainier (Tahoma). To the west glints the Salish Sea with the Olympics rising beyond. Below sailboats and floatplanes jostle for space on Lake Union.

Today the sky was sunny and blue with large masses of clouds slowly piling up to roll away. Visibility was clear. I looked over my right shoulder through the car windows, caught a glimpse of boat traffic, quickly checked the traffic around me, saw a few big planes high overhead heading toward the airport, and looked back to my right. I saw it. Immediately. A silver triangular shaped object moved at a modest, steady speed across a large expanse of sunny blue sky. The shape was an isosceles triangle. The speed of the craft, if that’s indeed what it was, was both too slow and yet too fast to be an airplane, especially a jet.

I first saw it in the air over the Fremont/Ballard area to the west. I turned quickly to check traffic and make sure all was well. Quite frankly I spent more time driving with my eyes on the road and the cars around me, chafing that I wasn’t able to pull over to observe this anomaly safely. I was also in a hurry to get to work on time. Didn’t want to be late.

Something felt odd about the appearance of this object. The first thing to catch my attention was the fact I even felt any strange feelings at all from simply glancing at a plane in the sky. Initially I thought it was an airplane. It was about the size of a fighter jet. Too big to be a drone, not counting the large Boeing/NASA/USAF/DARPA X-37B OTV unmanned spaceplane the military & intelligence community kept in orbit around Earth for two years on a mission so secret they refuse to tell the public anything beyond it was there.

OK. “Sigh.” Skeptics, Snopesters, debunkers, trolls, government disinformation agents, and others who go out of their way to demolish another’s humanity to plant a flag for whatever they assert is truth, proof, or real may try to say I’m making stuff up. Such negateers may insist I really saw fireworks, confused Jupiter and Venus and stars with spinning garbage can lids a bunch of good ol’ boys skipped across the sky with a pumpkin trebuchet from miles away, got drunk huffing marsh gas while driving to work and thus mistook a flying goose for the Postmodern aerial chariot of some extraterran astronutter god, or berate me for taking my eyes off the road or for advocating democratic socialism over capitalism and fascism.

Well, what I observed with the biological limitations of my human body, enhanced by a pair of eyeglasses, was not any one of those ridiculous things. The observed object wasn’t an ungainly floatplane. None were taking off or landing in that area of view during these short moments. Not a helicopter. Or an asteroid, comet, a lawn chair sailing across the sky tethered to a gazillion balloons, or kayaks in the sky dangling from whatever. A giant plasma sky organism glowing as a trickster orb spirit critter responding to the mental expectations of the observer’s imagination and subconscious psyche may be a more likely candidate than a civilian jet airliner full of sitting bipedal mammals, but what would such a cryptid feed upon?

“Oh God, not another UFO again,” I thought out loud and grinned. My mind raced. It was silver. The object was the shiniest silver I’ve seen in ages. Smooth like burnished steel and as reflective as a metal mirror. It wasn’t at all crinkly. No dimples and dents. No lights or windows or struts. Could be, but I just didn’t see any thing like those projecting from the object. It was clearly metal. And the highly reflective silver coloration? Well, the Sun shone brightly. Of course, sunshine! The silver seemed beyond bright, however, and still, it was reflecting the sunshine of a late summer high noon. The silver brightness did not blind me with any white glare but rather illuminated the machined exactness of the object’s smooth surface.

Looked over at the UFO again. It cruised south over Queen Anne’s Hill on the other side of Lake Union. Still as big as a fighter jet but much slower. So slow if it was a combat jet the darn thing would tumble towards the ground. Or lake and sea. Atop the silver triangle body was a metallic, silvery teardrop dome. The object suddenly rolled up without rolling, and the dome tapered up to a point that reminded me of a pyramid. No visible windows or lights. Reminded me of a conning tower on a submarine, a shiny silver submarine.

Eyes back to traffic. Peeped back. What the heck? The object had rolled over so the top of the pyramid faced me. Then it began to spin in a fast, steady, forward-moving loop. Eyes back to traffic. All’s well. Just more fast molasses. Getting heavier, tho. Long bridge. Lots of cars, trucks, motorcycles, metro buses… slowing down, yeah, but still plenty of room. I’ll make it to work on time. Yes!

Eyes back to the UFO. Wow, it was back on a trajectory parallel to the bridge but high the sky over the city. Silver triangle craft topped with a teardrop pyramid slowly moving forward after a quick, intricate set of spin and loop maneuvers. Poof!



The object simply vanished. Winked out of visible existence. As if it cloaked. I scanned the skies, but saw not a single aircraft on any trajectory nearby in the vicinity. There was a large passenger jet high in the sky cruising northeast. This UFO did not vanish from view because I turned my head to focus on cars and trucks then lost it while it was still flying as I couldn’t see it. No. I watched it disappear in real time from real space, as real as our holographic reality appears to be to my conscious mind, of course. I peeped between scrutinizing the sky and a flurry of quick glances into traffic. Then zipped back around to scan the sky again. Nothing. Nada!

This wasn’t Elvis and Jesus singing together in the sky with diamonds, that’s for sure. It wasn’t birds or marsh gas or the Planet Venus. Not Luna or Sol. Not reflections. Not fireworks. Not any aircraft or spacecraft I recognized. No drunk guys in shiny tin foil hats all strapped together in lounge chairs tethered to a floating, frog-egg mass of 10,000 balloons. The intense silvery reflection was unusual, although sunlight reflecting from it contributed to this visual. The sheer polished smoothness of the metal exterior was noteworthy, too. The odd moves, going too fast or too slow for contemporary mainstream aircraft, rolling over, changing shape, and doing quirky loops are characteristic of many UFO behaviors, including orbs. The winking in and out is orb-like as well.

I don’t know what the object I witnessed is or was. It appeared as a real flying machine under intelligent although inexplicable control. My suspicion is it represents a secret human-controlled craft from an advanced Earth jurisdiction such as my own country the United States, or a rival such as Russia, or from one of several hypercompartmentalized breakaway groups. It was not a black triangle craft often associated with secret human factions or advanced secret weapons programs. It may be from one of those groups, but it wasn’t black with big red lights. As I understand other’s research and observations, the triangle UFOs are usually black in color with three large round or roundish lights, often red, at the corners, and sometimes a white or red circle-shaped light in the center.

While my primary focus was on safely driving my car to work, my view even at a second’s glance was expansive. I am certain I would have spotted any aircraft flying on any trajectory. As a child, back when I was the oldest of three, my father, a former sailor who served aboard the aircraft carrier U.S.S. Midway, used to teach me how to look into the sky and identify different kinds of aircraft from his old U.S. Navy manual. My view of the object was clear. These mysterious objects are notorious for changing shapes and popping in and out of visible existence. I am not sure if it changed shape or its appearance changed, but suddenly it went from being a flat triangle with a teardrop dome to the dome becoming a pyramid-like structure similar to a sub’s conning tower.

The UFO most definitely popped or winked out of existence in a large patch of clear sky. There were no visual disturbances such as wavy or shimmering air or sparkling flashes of colored lights when the object vanished. It was there. Then it was not. The sky was blank of any UFO. If it reappeared, I don’t know. At that point the freeway took me down into a long trench cut into a hillside. My view of the sky was blocked by rows of buildings.

This was my fourth time seeing UFOs since childhood, and the second in Seattle. The first was on the family farm in rural Virginia, the second from the top of Mt. Erie, Washington, and the third from the Seattle Center in Belltown. I have seen orbs on other occasions, including ball lightning in Virginia and the mysterious, controversial Marfa Lights in Texas, but they seem related to local electromagnetic phenomena. The four UFOs I’ve seen first appeared as aerial vehicles or space/air craft of some sort, although the one witnessed from Mt. Erie with five other people went from a large flying saucer shape into a small, orb shape that quickly winked out of sight.

Another interesting aspect is I experienced no weird electromagnetic phenomena or disruptions often associated with machine-like UFOs. I did experience such with the first one, the airborne machine my family and I saw in Virginia. If it was a machine and not a changeling with an orby sense of humor. I haven’t experienced any such disruptions since then. Such disturbances don’t seem to be associated with orbs. It is true; tho, that the one I saw in Virginia was much, much closer than any of the others. All the others appeared further away. So perhaps proximity was the reason no electromagnetic disturbances were experienced with the later three UFOs.

While I thought, yeah, it’s cool I saw another UFO as they’re amazing to behold, I also felt embarrassed to have seen what feels like too many “flying saucers and orbs.” I felt a sense of, “Oh god how many times do these things pop up and zip off or wink in and out of stuff and vanish? Who else noticed this?”

Perhaps I’ve been conditioned, educated, and normalized to such objects. Is my mind thus creating it? Would the mind create a mystery that frustrates the mindbody? What is the role of our subconscious minds, our innermost psyches, the supraconsciousness, socio-cultural memes, abstract minds, cognitive selves, neurological bodies, self-fulfilling prophecies, educated expectations, and spiritual essences to such anomalous phenomena?

These things occur so quickly with such great speed for such short periods of time they probably occur more frequently than we may at first believe. We just look right thru them. They don’t register in our worldview. They perturb dominant mainstream socio-cultural, scientific, and religious belief systems. The truth is anomalies including UFOs exist, and I don’t know what they are.

I also feel and feel strongly, however, there are many different explanations beyond mainstream ones. They’re not all interstellar star ships or small craft from mother ships. Some may be unusual life forms. Others may be craft from different civilizations from elsewhere inside our planet, in our solar system, our galaxy, and from other densities and dimensions. Some may be machine life with A.I.

Some may be secret weapons developed by human nation-states as well as by so-called breakaway organizations. Some may spiritual entities; shamanic, angelic, even demonic. Some may be drones with cloaking technology 25-75 years in advance of what’s now allowed to filter down into current mainstream awareness as quantum experiments make a Harry Potter cloak possible. Who knows? I know I saw and experienced what I did, and interpreted my perception of what I saw and experienced. In addition, I am also aware of bigger Big Pictures and the canvas of the Kosmos from which all such things “hang.”

There is more to a psychological, synergistic/synchronicity/spiritual component, too.

I saw this after watching alleged whistleblower Corey Goode being interviewed by David Wilcock on the latter’s Cosmic Disclosure presentation on Gaiam TV. Been reading and researching a lot on the UFO literature from opposing ends of the spectrum, from Dr. Michael Salla and whistleblowers such as Corey Goode and Clark C. McClelland on one hand to Disclosure Clock Countdown man Rick Phillips, iconoclastic guy who reminds me of Gurdjieff’s take on reality.

Phillips turns everything upside down as he discombobulates conventional interpretations of UFO phenomena and perturbs conditioned ideas regarding news, mass media, and alternative media. He pulls aside the sheets of paper diagrammed with carefully researched flowcharts of the Cabal to reveal the air and the imaginations beneath as gas and mind, themselves possibly projections of greater holographic dramas unfolding in the software code of consciousness for two billion years or more.

Having dealt with lots of weird stuff, and after he challenged himself to think deeper upon his experiences of observations and the power of the conscious mind, indeed to reflect upon reflections, Rick Phillips discerned a common “UFO motif” behind “99% of UFO experiences.” Using motifs as linked successions “of notes producing a single impression,” he determined the most common UFO motif is “a vigorous plasma Orb that catches one’s attention” and then morphs into “structured” shapes, morphs again, morphs into recognizable patterns, then “passes out of perception.” Passes out of perception, and perception is as much mental as physical. More importantly, Phillips notes such experiences tend to be localized and are usually “tied to intentionalities on the ground and with humans.” I would add human personalities, as in UFO experiences are “tied to intentionalities and” personalities as well as interpretations by everyday consciousness minds streaming mindlessly as radio signals stream thru radios without considering the power of consciousness to morph perception, intention, and personality.

My experience of this silver triangle-dome led to a spiritual awakening of sorts. Wrote it down. Strange, expansive experience, too. But without any answers. Perhaps because there aren’t any answers. We humans have been programmed to see problems and solutions, right and wrong, bad and good, questions and answers, materialism and nonmaterialism, life and death, and male and female. We demand answers, such as, “Why do we demand answers? And for what purpose?”

Answers indulge the curiosity of the human mind unaware of its unconscious need to feed off such energy as a form of psychic food.

There’s far more than these, indeed, far more than any one, two, or three eyes can perceive. So, did the conditioned nature of my mind shape the interpretation of what I saw? Did my inner subconscious project an image out into the outer world? If it did, was I the only one to see it? Can others see what my mind projects? Did my subconscious create and project the image of the UFO which triggered my conscious, cognitive mind that in turn opened me to a greater, supraconscious experience leading in turn to a deeper spiritual understanding?

Or is a cigar just a cigar and an alien or covert ship just a ship and thus just a manufactured (!) machine? Or have we humans become so normalized to UFOs and related phenomena that instead of ridiculing them we simply accept them with a shrug of our shoulders? So we aren’t surprised when we see them and thus ignore any clues to any messages or intentions “they” may have for us to consider? Is there any way out of circular reasoning and dead-end speculation before it is too late to exercise what free will we may have left to be a stand for what is important and ethical? To be cause in the matter to generate the effects and results we seek? In a quantum universe where consciousness exists beyond matter and biology and cause and effect becomes meaningless?

On an everyday level encountering these common anomalies does not change a thing, except deep down, internally, such an event changes everything. Such events accelerate my own deep disenchantment with politics and governments, with economics and finance, with science and academia, and with corporate media and religion. They’re all cycles of crap getting people excited about change but without any real transformation to move us beyond repeating history and sustaining mass socio-cultural indoctrinations where we humans are conditioned to give up our consent to Authority. Especially those in politics, religions, sciences, economics, and media who declare there are only correct, right ways to socio-politico-econo-religio changes, and everything else is wrong and ignorant. Life goes on, not because the intelligences behind anomalous phenomena ignore us bipedal ants but because we live, dammit, and life grows everywhere life can. Life so grows to live in even the harshest environments imaginable such living entities may not even be recognizable as alive. We’ll have to expand our definition of life beyond biological organ – isms. Turn our minds inside out to see what else is staring back out at us from the other side of the mirror.

As the man with the blue guitar in the old Wallace Stevens poem used to strum, everything changes and everything remains the same. He’s a “shears man of sorts,” and as do those who experience UFOs and other anomalous events, one can no longer “play things as they are,” “but play “they “must,” of things “beyond us, yet ourselves…of things exactly as they are.” Not what the righteous and the fearful and the outraged and the dismissive among the sheeple and the sheeple herders want to see. Or, rather, it’s not what those who pay the sheeple herders want us to know.


Airplane Event of Wednesday 16 September 2015:

I drove to work and crossed the Seattle Ship Canal Bridge as I headed south on I-5 again in my old blue Ford Taurus wagon. I glanced up to the west and saw a large, silver jumbo airliner crossing the sky in roughly same place I saw the silver UFO. Whole time I drove the big jet continued in a relatively straight trajectory as it gradually lowered itself in the sky on its way south to the airport. Didn’t loop. Didn’t wink in or out of existence. Or cloak. But the way the tail of the plane resembled my silver UFO the way its one vertical stabilizer or fin rose between two horizontal stabilizers. It could almost be an exact replica of the silver triangle. Except my silver triangle lacked all the rest of the parts including a fuselage. This civilian jetplane was as intensely silver as the UFO, except while the UFO was clean, smooth, and metallic silver all over, this airliner’s silver was crinkly as if dimpled with tiny dents. Plus there were thin blue and red stripes on the plane. There were not any other colors on the UFO.

The triangle of the airplane’s tail, however, was so strikingly similar I shook my head as I thought, my goodness, I was somehow fooled enough to be blind to an entire airplane except its tail? It didn’t make sense. Eventually, I must say the UFO I saw was not a civilian airplane or a recognizable fighter jet of any kind. None of those spun in such a slow loop after a rapid spin pivot. None of those planes could fly too slow or too fast…the airliner was much slower than the silver triangle with the tear-drop dome, and the same silver UFO was in turn much slower than a fighter jet. Nor did such planes simply wink out.

The only exception would be a military or intelligence agency craft with highly classified cloaking technology. Maybe suit up and go bop around the skies over a major city in the middle of the day and see who even bothers to report such things anymore? What happens when dramatic events happen so often but without any dramatic action as the drama remains inside the unfulfilled imagination of a mindless brain? I didn’t send any report. This article is my report.

A few days later I saw a dark grey cigar-shaped aircraft. Look liked a giant flying cigar. Or an enormous garbage can lid. Then it rolled over belly down to the ground and I could see it was clearly an airplane, a civilian jetliner with wings. I see these kinds of images in the sky all the time. Their trajectories are stable. Their speeds predictable. Nor do they blow up or crash if too slow or too fast. It’s clear they’re not UFOs. They appear perfectly normal, too. Not orbs or spacecraft or timeships or Frodo Baggins’s very own jalopy transporting hobbit whiskey in old glass Coke bottles to the sound of a jolly old harpsichord tumbling ass over teakettle down the hill off the open tailgate of a 1957 Chevy pickup truck.


William Dudley Bass
Saturday 26 September 2015
Seattle, Washington

Notes & Updates from Wednesday 13 January 2016:

Iconoclastic thinker and experiencer Rick Phillips who I referred to up top as a significant influence on how I’ve learned to perceive things while galavantin’ about in my maze of rabbit holes in the sky, wrote an intensely perspective piece about this essay of mine on his blog. It’s true, too, I invited him, too, as I felt in a strange place and valued his perspective. You can see his take on my article on his website here:



A Link to “The Man with the Blue Guitar,” a poem by Wallace Stevens:

Rick Phillip’s UFO Blog:
UFO Disclosure Countdown Clock (UDCC): <http://ufodisclosurecountdownclock.blogspot.com>.

Links to two of my other UFO articles:

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“UFO witnessed in action from atop Mt. Erie, Washington,”

Other essays on this and related topics may be found here:

“UFO Events, History, & Analysis,”

Thank you for reading.





Copyright © 2015, 2016 by William Dudley Bass.

All Rights Reserved until we Humans establish

Wise Stewardship of and for our

Earth and Solarian Commons.

Thank you.





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