Twittering the Revolution to Facebook at the Occupation of the Washington State Capitol

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Monday 28 November 2011

Good Morning! It’s 5:43am here in Seattle, & I’m proud to announce my oldest daughter Morgan got her first letter of acceptance to college (University of Portland in OR), my middle one Kate made straight A’s on her rc, & my youngest Talia can make a violin sing. And I’m off to help Occupy the State Capitol & Legislature down in Olympia, WA today. 5:46 am.

Crowds roaring & more buses roll in & dropping people off from all over WA. OCCUPY our Capitol & Legislature! In Olympia. 11:17 am.

OCCUPY Everywhere coming together in Sylvester Park in Olympia to join with others @ the Capitol. Down here w/ the Gteens. (Sic) 12:07 pm.

PEOPLE streaming in to OCCUPY our state Capitol. Legislature met all of 5 mins then ran away. Fled their responsibilities. Rubber spines! 12:59 pm.

Unstoppable Dorli Rainey rocks the Rotunda crowds @ 84 & calls for us to Occupy the Supreme Court in March, pepper spray or no pepper spray. 1:04 pm.

Impressive when a couple hundred more regular folks roll in for our nonviolent Revolution. Occupy the Capitol. 1:13pm.

Maybe its time to stop voting in rigged elections & begging for justice & just tear the whole damn thing down. 1:37 pm.

We’ve filled the Rotunda! ~2000 of us. 3:13 pm.

Awesome sight. Banners draped all around the inside balconies of the Occupied rotunda here in Olympia, WA. Cops standing aside. 3:15 pm.

Hundreds massed right outside the Governor’s office. She’s inside. Will she come out? 3:20 pm.

Still down in Olympia with Occupy Seattle, the Seattle Greens, teachers, Veterans, business folks, students, unions, Libs, & many others. 3:46 pm.

Occupy is one big tent. 9:10 pm.

‎~ 3000 protesters total from all walks of life down demonstrating @ OCCUPY the WA State Capitol earlier Mon 11/28. Sea change!

12:13am 29/11/2011

William Dudley Bass

Small amnt of violence @ very end last night @ Rotunda as Police removed last protesters frm Capitol Bldg 2 close it, tasered 3, arrested 4. 7:41 am.

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NOTES & P.S.: Dorli Rainey is an elderly retired teacher and activist who got peppered sprayed in the face by Police officers in an Occupy Seattle demonstration on Capitol Hill, Seattle earlier this month outside Chase Bank. Apparently she then fell down and being quite diminutive was almost trampled. A photo of her being rescued and held up by two young men with her face dripping from milk and water to counteract the weaponized capsaicin of pepper spray went viral around the world. I briefly spoke with her in front of the Rotunda when she asked for the time. She was so small and sweet and unwavering. I didn’t know who she was right away; she just looked so familiar like I knew her, I knew her, who was she? Then when she addressed the crowd it was an electric shock of recognition.

Otherwise the other info I would add is it was an honor to march and rally with high school teacher and activist Joe Szwaya of the Seattle Green Party and other participants from Occupy Seattle. I consider myself an independent voter. I’m more of what you can call a Green Libertarian or a Libertarian Green. Indeed, I’m a Neo-Communist. I seek to integrate individual liberties and social responsibilities. My geopolitical focus is more global and local than state/provincial or national. And I’m glad to help out the Greens these days.

There were also Occupy groups from many small towns across Washington, including, for example, Port Angeles, my wife’s hometown, which demonstrates both the degree of disaffection and interconnection in and between our scattered communities. Otherwise this post is limited to the exact postings on FB and Twitter and 9 photos from a camera phone with one from a small digital handheld.

Oh yeah! When Joe Szwaya and I arrived back at my minivan to drive back to Seattle I had a parking ticket on the windshield. I was furious, for there were clearly over two hours of parking left in the parking meter next to my car. We had paid the maximum parking of 9 hours! I determined to come back to Olympia to fight this silly ticket. Then I noticed the police issue wasn’t the parking meter but the fact was I had parked my car pointing the wrong way, i.e. facing traffic, on the side street. It was a common offense people rarely paid any attention to, and certainly this day cars were parked every which way. I bet the police officer looked up my license plates, saw I was registered in Seattle, made an assumption I was some kind of “liberal hippy,” and tagged me. And I really don’t know. I did pay the $75 fine as I was parked facing traffic the wrong way. Next time I drive or ride in a car to a political protest I will make sure even rarely enforced laws are followed so the troopers have 0 excuse to harass us. Done, thank you.


William Dudley Bass
28 November 2011
Updated 10 February 2012
Seattle & Olympia, WA


Copyright © 2011, 2012, 2016 by William Dudley Bass. All Rights Reserved until we Humans establish Wise Stewardship of and for our Earth and Solarian Commons. Thank you.




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