Three Bands wrack Café Racer during one magnificent wet Saturday night in Seattle

“Yeah! I think this is like Your Band’s first review!” ~ Ben Callup of Your Band

Your Band distorts gravity down at Cafe Racer

Your Band distorts gravity down at Cafe Racer~

My Saturday was awesome. Awesome beyond cliches, Hell yeah it was! The 3rd of January! 2015! Busted my middle-age Happy New Year ass in the Gym. Hung out with a dear friend I haven’t seen in almost 2 years and dove down an esoteric rabbit hole with her between death & life, and spent the evening of a Full Moon Eve at Café Racer where I met up with friends from the Socialist Alternative and listened to a trio of bands jam. It was good to get my butt away from the house and out on the town a bit. Slowly enjoyed a pint of Scotch Style Pike Kilt Lifter Ruby Ale from a scruffy, jolly bartender. I’m a glass-draining, guzzling gulper by habit, so I disciplined myself to slow it waaay down to one, delicious slow-drinkin’ beer while eyeing all the qwerty-quirky colorful, kitschy, & strange ugly ass art all over dayglow walls. Outside on the sidewalks knots of people smoked cigarettes in the rain as if it was the most natural thing to do at night in the misty Seattle rain.

The three bands were super enthusiastic musicians who blazed slashed axed hacked guitars drums voices in wild raw exquisite eruptions of sounds like a 2015 punk metal Clashing smashup of The Dead Boys Jimi Hendrix Sex Pistols Janis Joplin Nirvana and maybe a wicked hint of old Mississippi River Blues drowning in Leather Nun’s blendertwisting aural auger.

Course, the best was last, Your Band. Yep, that’s the name of our band, yo!

My only regret’s I took only one picture, one blurry ass picture. Wished I snapped a few shots of Elliot’s head going “Interstellar” while gyrating with guitar inside Wild English or the demented ululations of The Shows. I especially regret not getting any pics of Ben Callup of Your Band in action, snarling into the mike with spiderwebs of veins and arteries popped out upon his flesh like ropy snakes dripping sweat as he sang with full-throated roars as primal as magma, mixing revolutionary wit and fiery humor into grins rich with sin. It was Matt’s first time humping bass, and man, that drummer! Dustin! He played drums like a ballet dancer riding a jackhammer straight down into Hell. Aye, what a fuckin’ good time!

Love your dragons! They need love, too. Your love! (Found among a friend's Facebook postings.)

WTF this picture, dude? Yeah, well, gotta love your dragons, too! They need love, too. Your love! (Image found among a friend’s Facebook postings & mawdifyd.)


William Dudley Bass
7 January 2015
Seattle, Washington


Earlier versions of this appeared on my Facebook page on Sunday 4 January 2015.

Here: <> on 4 January @ 1:48am.

“Welcome to the University District’s best kept secret! We have great drinks, awesome food, music at night, and rotating art shows.” ~ from the Café Racer website.

Visit Café Racer’s funky website here: <>.

Or Like the hell outa them on dear ol’ facebutt @ <>.

Better yet, just fuckin’ go there, walk inside, & order.


* Copyright © 2015, 2016 by William Dudley Bass. All Rights Reserved until we Humans establish Wise Stewardship of and for our Earth and Solarian Commons. Thank you. *






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