Midwinter atop Hurricane Ridge

One cold, sunny day in Olympic National Park in January 2016

*This is an unfinished work in progress. In the meantime please enjoy what’s here. Thank you!*

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Gazing across mountain wilderness from Hurricane Ridge (5,242 ft / 1,598 m), Olympic National Park. Sunday 24 January 2016. All fotos by the Author.

The Mt. Olympus Massif, heart of the Olympic Mountains. This crown jewel of the maritime Pacific Northwest stands at the elevation of 7,969 feet or 2,429 meters.

After visiting a troubled and isolated friend afflicted with both a chronic autoimmune condition and agoraphobia outside of Sequim, Washington, I drove alone towards Port Angeles. In addition to catching up on life together and cheering her up, I interviewed her about what she believes to be extraterrestrial or intradimensional beings and creatures creeping around her house when she was lived with her parents and siblings many years ago. She declared those series of events felt as if they occurred just yesterday. When it came time for me to leave and return to Seattle, I invited her to join me on a Sunday drive up to Hurricane Ridge. My friend declined. She felt fragile and all those people and wide, open alpine spaces filled her with a dread she couldn’t explain other than as a highly sensitive person she felt unusually vulnerable. So I drove alone, feeling a little sad, and began to reminisce about my own trips into Olympic National Park with my ex-wives Gwen and Kristina and our children Morgan, Kate, and Talia. Oh, how I miss them! And yet I grew to appreciate my time alone with only myself and the world. Up the icy mountain road I drove deep into my own Dreamtime.

Panoramic foto maps at the Hurricane Ridge Visitors Center, ONP. Sunday 24 2016.

Freezing Cold & Sunny Bright with a cheerful briskness. The Author goes for a selfie, LOL!

Old-timey mountaineer with an old-style rucksack on his back telemarks across the rolling hills & flats of Hurricane Ridge. He was the only telemarker in sight amidst a wide range of skis, snowboards, & neon-colored inflatable sleds. He took one look at our Postmodern cacophony, shook his head with perplexed disgust then grinned like hell anyway. Aye, life is messy! Enjoy the Journey alive! And so he turned away to zoom on across falling shadows.

As beautiful and calm with an occasional brisk breeze as the scenery across the national park on the wild edge of America was, global climate disruption with crazy oscillations between extreme cold and extreme heat was never far from one’s mind. I could feel it. Even on a midwinter day in the Olympics.

*This is an unfinished work in progress. In the meantime please enjoy what’s here. Thank you!*

William Dudley Bass
Wednesday 15 November 2017
SeaTac/Seattle, Washington


Copyright © 2017 by William Dudley Bass. All Rights Reserved until we Humans establish Wise Stewardship of and for our Earth and Solarian Commons. Thank you.




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