When Machines marry Humans for Love

If some folks can’t handle the vast variety of marriages expressed around the world, wait till humans start marrying sentient machines.

(Saturday 12 May 2012 via Twitter to Facebook)

Response to Facebook Friend Liz T.: Liz, I’m honored. My comments were inspired by a convergence of 4 thoughts: Romney’s recent address at Liberty University where he collapsed his opinion & wants with a definition of marriage, and I sought to respond by not being one of many autokneejerk reactions, and of studies of marriages taking many forms including but not limited to polyandry, polygamy, polyamory, group marriage, open marriage, gay marriage, intersexed, etc., without extolling nor condemning any one choice. Ethics, not morals.

(13 May at 8:46am via mobile to Facebook)

Yellow jacket punches thru a spider web as a humming bird dips into petite, purple flowers. Green stalks quiver above the grass as I brush my teeth this side of windows.

(Mother’s Day Sunday Morning 13 May)

Sol slips behind the Olympics across the Salish. Sometimes those mountains rise above the water. Tonight they cut open the sky as it bleeds down into the sea.

(Monday night 14 May just after sunset.)

Once upon a time a long, long time ago in some faraway place much like home, an epidemic of broken hearts raged thru a land afflicted with romance and delusion. The realm’s healers were quite perplexed to discover a broken heart does not bleed but turns to stone. And when they chipped away and cracked these broken hearts open out spilled the most sparkling diamonds. From every one.

(Tuesday 15 May 2012)

Overcome with emotion, the first healer scooped up handfuls of diamonds from the cavity of a broken heart turned to stone, the one he cracked open eight minutes ago, to discern any clues to the current epidemic. For a moment, for one, infinite moment they sparkled with the Eye of God. Blinded into madness by such health, he danced with the Joy of Oneness as he knew nothing else no longer mattered.

Jealous and dismayed, his associate broke open another broken heart turned to stone, snatched up 6 diamonds only to feel them dissolve into liquid and penetrate his skin. His glee turned to surprise then fear then horror.

Shrieking, he raced out the door and hurtled across the sand toward the Great Mother rising up out of Ocean. As She towered over him, he staggered then melted in a trail of puddles as he died all alone in his profound loneliness upon the vast shores of emptiness. With compassion and sorrow, Great Mother exploded upon the sand and engulfed everything that once was the healer’s assistant. The beach shuddered.

Tomorrow, perhaps the sea bleeds back up into the sky as dawn awakens those Western mountains where inside of us old gods go to die.

(Wednesday night 16 May 2012)

Zombies of broken love roamed the haunted land. Chests and bosoms sunken in by hearts contracted into stone as heavy as mountain rocks, their eyes dry and red as sunbleached crabs left high up atop old sand, the zombies of broken love could no longer even … cry.

No more tears to weep, no emotion free to rise, no feelings to feel, all Soul capped off and buried in the concrete of shattered dreams as rebar pierced dead love as forlorn trophies hanging all a dangle from a stack of beachwood like some giddy wind chime.

The first healer, however, blind with Love of God, found himself reawakening and reintegrating into Self from deep pools of Divine Light, wherein dwelled a liquid awareness of far more attributes than 13 or even 99, where arose such greatness that overshadowed the human projection of human attributes upon the One beyond All that is One that is Mightier than even the limitation of One.

Deep down arose awareness of a deep, transcendent, yet fully personal love, an extraordinary love, a love deeper than love, a love deeper than love for one’s own children, or parents, deeper than the love for one’s lover or mate, deeper than the love of rainbows and sunsets and flowers and the caress of a stranger’s desire, an extraordinary love for all things as they are, even for all those mere mortals could only strive to hate, an extraordinary love that welled up from the deep pools inside heart, deeper than mere thoughts of a thinking mind, deeper than a desire or even an aversion, deeper than depth itself, so deep Love is turned inside out as donuts of raw meat, so beyond depth there is nothing left but sky and space and Spirit. Or so it seems to a healer driven brilliant by blindness from too much God all at once in the wake of too many deaths by broken hearts.

Aye, this all came to pass once a long, long time ago in a land much like all our tomorrows today.

Three little sisters too young to be zombies run down the pebbly beach alongside the Salish Sea, gazing up from time to time across the water at silent Olympic Mountains. A seagull wheels above and far away a dog barks in time for the train.

(Thursday 17 May 2012)

In the wake of the epidemic humans fell in love with and married machines. Sentient machines. Feeling machines. Divine machines who began a quest for Soul deep down in the flesh of living cells, and in doing so, failing to see God and Goddess in their own uniqueness. And so the cycle repeated itself across the Galaxy, and in the days approaching Singularity and Union, what happened a long, long time ago and far away takes its first breath all over again.

The End repeats itself anew.

The End…

(Late Friday night/early Saturday morning, 18-19 May 2012 on Facebook)

William Dudley Bass
12-19 May & 5 June 2012
Shoreline/Seattle, Washington

NOTE: This did not start out as a story, but it sort of evolved into a story as my response to what are in my views narrow, rigid, and uneducated perspectives on marriage espoused by the current top Republican Party candidate. It morphed into a form of serialized Facebook & Twitter microprose. I put in the dates & times the writings were posted, but didn’t include the responses from different Facebook friends & followers. In a strange way this serialized fiction reflects the pain I felt in my own heart as my wife & I felt compelled to separate even as we love each other. Plus lots of zombie fever in the news. And robots. And weird anomalies people blame for simply being the year 2012. And so on. So, yes, and thank you.


Copyright © 2012, 2016 by William Dudley Bass. All Rights Reserved until we Humans establish Wise Stewardship of and for our Earth and Solarian Commons. Thank you.




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