Lipwood and the End of America

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Once upon a time not all that long ago somewhere over there in the Land of Barely There and Right Here Now, a group of men and women from across different religions and races gathered together in the city. They were fed up. They were fed up with frakkin’ ass local politicians, bureaucrats, and bankers hobfoggin’ all together to hire those guys from Way Over There to come way over here to install those robotic spy cameras all over town.

So these men and women from a number of ethnic groups and of varying religious convictions took up arms, as was their right, and blew the FRAK out of all those damn traffic surveillance cameras in Lipwood, George, the once-new state named after the first American president’s first name. Yes, George was a composite of counties that once bordered two states. Could be what used to be the Washington – Idaho border. With a corner of Oregon? Or Colorado-Nebraska with a corner of Kansas? I suppose it doesn’t matter because the once-famous State of George doesn’t exist anymore. In the beginning, however, their clamors for secession were so loud and cantankerous the rest of the states hollered, “Truck ’em away, goddammit! To Hell with ‘em then!”

Oh, it was a wild, righteous joy to pump slugs from a shotgun into those damn spy cameras. Never mind one or two shooters themselves had a couple of tiny little surveillance devices discreetly tucked away on their persons to record such destructive indignation. In the shouts of revolt all justifications arose and no one would remember the lessons of violence throughout time. Something just had to be done…NOW! People were beyond feeling FED up! Aye, We the People felt frakkin’ FED up with the flipass FEDS!!!

Oh, it felt good. Real good. They weren’t terrorists. Who the hell were they terrorizing? Even the cops felt waves of relief. Yes, these good men and women considered themselves patriots and reclaimed their privacy from corporate-dominated government gone amok with schemes to get rich by privatizing domestic spying. F*ck*rs.

Yes, these rowdy citizens considered it their solemn duty to get out yonder and blow shit up. Especially when they found out their own shit was looking back spying on them. So out came bags of nitrogen fertilizer and cans of diesel fuel, yeah man. Freedom loving democratic socialist vanguard redneck libertarian green goo anarchists coffee tea whiskey mixing neo-communist muhfukkahs LOVE to … blow shit up.

Day 1 of the spontaneously organized uprising came and went. Nothing happened. No Feds showed up. No media. Not even a PIP in the news! Weird. So the herd dissipated and folks went on about their business in Lipwood, cleaned up the debris from the streets, and had a few beers. The cops busied themselves with paperwork and cruise control.

By the time Day 2 ended, the insurrection against surveillance had spread throughout the entire State of George. No one was seriously injured, although a few people were roughed up for trying to preserve the profits made from such cameras. Every spy camera and recording device in a public space was destroyed. Despite murmurings of doing the same inside stores, nothing happened there. No militarized insecurity by Homeland Security. It was felt by a whole lotta folks their revolt was a done thang.

Day 3 dawned with the swarming buzz of great hives of drones descending with the first rays of morning sunshine. Tens of thousands of little drone robots; all birthed by the military/security-industrial/corporate-education/prison-intelligence/surveillance complex. They chainsawed through the air and zipped to every house, store, and outhouse. The drones were fast and violent. When they were done, not one single human being was left alive in Lipwood or anywhere else in George. Not even a baby buried under blankets escaped the computerized, mechanical efficiency of the killer drones.

Time passes as time does, however, and now in the history books and travel maps there is no sign of Lipwood or even Woodlips next door. In fact, there isn’t even any sign of the State of George as it was carved up into pieces and obliterated completely. Upstream a great lake from a dammed-up, mighty river was diverted to flood downstream across the land. Nothing remains but mud with weeds and wildflowers. One drone did go off track, however, in the wake of a confused new order. A pizza delivery drone was discovered droning back and forth over the site of a former residence with a boxed-up, extra-large pepperoni and cheese pizza clasped in its clutches.

Beware. Naomi Wolf once wrote a letter to a young patriot. She developed her letter into a book about what she saw as the end of America. She listed 10 clear stages every dictatorship slides through on its way down into despotism and documents her thesis with established facts. Her book is titled, The End of America: Letter of Warning to a Young Patriot. Read it. See the film, too. Because the End will come. And here it did, although not quite as she imagined it. Still, the End came…and everyone was too afraid and too busy to even notice so they went about other people’s business as usual.

th enD

William Dudley Bass
August & September 2012
Revised 13 October 2013
Seattle & Shoreline & back to Seattle

NOTE: The images of the drone above are variations of “Free Vector Clipart Drone 1” from This picture was donated by a gentleman to Wikimedia Commons, and as such is within our Public Domain. Thank you.


Copyright © 2012, 2013, 2016 by William Dudley Bass. All Rights Reserved until we Humans establish Wise Stewardship of and for our Earth and Solarian Commons. Thank you.




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