Not Too Late to Rescue our Planet Earth: An Urgent Review

Vote Yes for Democratic World Government

“Extinction is not something to contemplate. It is something to rebel against.”

— Dr. Helen Caldicott, one of Jim’s heroines.


This is a critically important book. Its message is urgent. Democratic world government is an idea whose time is now. Our species stands at the threshold of global upheaval and possible extinction. A convergence of challenges unique in human history threatens to overwhelm us, and a cooperative worldwide response via a constitutional planetary democracy with a socially responsible economy represents the most effective way to address these issues. First, however, we must choose to create these new human systems for our planet. Jim Stark of Canada has come up with a novel yet simple approach to help us get there.

This book is a rare integration of vision and pragmatism. Jim Stark advocates a grass roots, internet-based Global Referendum along with paper mail-in ballots. The ballot proposition is simple and direct. One votes “Yes” or “No” for “Do you support the creation of a directly-elected, representative, transparent, and democratic world parliament that is authorized to legislate on global issues?” Early polls indicate a majority of people around the world and across many different religions and ethnic groups would vote yes if they could. Nation-state regimes, including the non-democratic United Nations, will also have a choice. They can work together with this movement, or be by-passed. In regions of severe repression, warfare, and socio-political-economic upheaval voting may not be possible. And it is a start. It’s start toward achieving a dream many have had for centuries.

We have an increasingly integrated local-global economy but a volatile mix of political fragmentation, financial empire building, and resurgent religious fanaticism. We’re even seeing the resurgence of tribal hatreds and revanchist nationalism. Capitalism is in severe crisis. It is a structural and systemic crisis in which Capitalism cannot be repaired but must be replaced. The right of national sovereignty are as obsolete and archaic as the old divine right of kings. Indeed, our choices are not to reclaim national sovereignty, but choose what kind of world government we shall build.

What kind shall we build? I vote for a transparent, democratic one. What it looks like and how it shall function we can work that out later. For now, let’s get this grass roots global referendum going across Planet Earth. And let’s be clear: even if there were no global crisis democratic world government is still desirable as the best way for humanity to govern itself, not a one world empire and not a co-dependent hodge-podge of perpetually warring nation-states and stateless-nations. Jim Stark’s book is a brief and amazing guide to what we all can do with relatively little effort to directly implement a majestic vision.

Activist Jim Stark on a sunny day in Quebec.

Activist Jim Stark on a sunny day in Quebec.

Mr. Stark is rich with quotes advocating democratic world government from famous servants to humanity throughout history. He’s also the author of Cold War Blues: The Operation Dismantle Story, a riveting account of his years as an activist for nuclear disarmament and world peace. It’s clear the Cold War had an enormous effect upon him and influenced his plan to facilitate global democracy.

Yes, there are things I quibble with, such as what kind of democratic government could be implemented, that I prefer to have a constitutional convention deliberate upon (followed by another referendum). And his tone is a bit shrill, and that can be a turn-off to many who would otherwise heed this clarion call. His shrillness, however, reflects the urgency of the hour. I’ve read, for example, some who’ve read the book mutter, “Jim uses that damn word ‘omnicide’ way too much.” Omnicide, the extinction of all life, is a word that does need to be heard more often. Lost in our everyday hustle bustle we forget we live right at the edge of worldwide extinction. Being aware of how real and how exacting omnicide serves to shake people awake to see and do what must be done.

Most importantly, I feel strongly it would be wise to use the full name “Democratic World Government” for his organization and website URL as so many people fear “world government” as tyranny. There is widespread phobia and paranoia about all world governments being dictatorships. We are already too close to such as it is. Following the pragmatic steps outlined in the book’s “Rescue Plan” will assist us in rolling back such assaults on democratic republics and educate the masses, especially the working and middle classes, how successful we can be to achieve planetwide democracy.

Another and perhaps more controversial observation is Rescue Plan for Planet Earth focuses primarily on politics and governments without including finances and economics. It does not even address economics and finance nor their relationship to the political, civic, and environmental spheres. Jim Stark and many political activists like him fail to discern the vital necessity not so much to regulate money but to extend democracy into the workplace, into the marketplace, into the corporate sphere. Often stamping out corruption in politics is the viewed as the only answer. There is, however, a clear distinction between corruption and control. Some among the financial elites may be ethical and above corruption yet still dominate politics and governments. I used to be so unawares, too. If we as the people fail to recognize and understand these money and power relationships, then we continue to allow global banking systems and transnational corporations to expand their financial empire around the world.

There are reasons why Finance Capitalism has clawed its way up to the top of the pyramid, vanquishing all other forms of economic systems including other Capitalist ones. There are reasons Finance Capitalism defeated every attempt, including noble and well-meaning attempts to reform Capitalism. There are reasons, too, why Finance Capitalism as an –ism is also known as Predatory, Crony, Bankster, and Disaster Capitalism. We’re already seeing the current capitalist economic system dominate all realms of life including small businesses, politics, governments, and families as it morphs into a worldwide form of Superfascism. Inverted Totalitarianism is the recognized term for the fascist conquest of nations not by military conquest, which failed in the Second World War, but by financial conquest. Nor do we seek to return to the hypercentralized State Capitalism of Stalinism and Maoism. Instead we must struggle to establish something that has not ever existed before, at least long enough to survive being snuffed out in failed struggles to be born, and that is Democratic Socialism.

Without public ownership and control of the money powers similar to civilian control and ownership of the military powers, there will be no democratic Democratic World Parliament. There will be only Empire and destruction. The hybrid of capitalism and  government into Financial Capitalist Superfascism continue to spread its own imperialist, non-democratic government all dressed up pretty as faux democracy across the planet.

What actions do we take to make these steps must be widely and openly discussed. We still need to untangle the knots binding up the 3 E’s of environment, economy, and energy. How do we, for example, meet our energy needs, including food, in an environmentally responsible and economically sustainable ways? Working together to build Democratic World Government to address our converging global-local problems is a place to start. What do we need to do, however, to raise the consciousness of the working classes, for example, to transform human systems?

With the exception of addressing Finance Capitalism and the alternative of Democratic Socialism, these are all quibbles for the most important matter is that we the public finally have both a passionate and well-written book easy to read with clear steps for each of us to take. Regardless of such quibbles and debates, however, Jim Stark’s brilliant Rescue Plan for Planet Earth is urgent. Time is running out. Indeed, we’re already late. We’re not too late, so there’s still a little bit of time. It’s not too late rescue our planet.

Go directly to to vote or do further research. Now is the time. Have at it. Don’t mess around. Help rescue our planet, our home. Vote “Yes.”

Don't turn Earth into Venus or Mars.

Don’t turn Earth into Venus or Mars. Reclaim our planet. Now.

William Dudley Bass
Friday 16 January 2015
Seattle, Washington


An earlier version of this article first appeared as, “Vote Yes for Democratic World Government,” a Customer Book Review for Jim Stark on back on 15 March 2009. You may review the original article here @ <>.

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