How to End Gerrymandering

If you are serious about working to end this abominable practice, then don’t even waste anyone’s time unless you seriously intend to replace the greater political and socio-economic system gerrymandering is embedded within.

What steps do we make to end American Gerrymandering? The solution itself is simple. Achieving positions of power to affect such revolutionary reforms will be difficult. Gerrymandering is embedded in our body politic as dense clusters of ticks with their heads pushed deep into the flesh of sick dogs. Gerrymandering is a loathsome, despicable, and corrupt practice. Anyone who supports and engages in gerrymandering should be arrested, and if convicted, sent far away to frigid prisons built on the Moon where they can draw as many lines in the lunar dust as they wish. Of course such a penal colony on Luna is a metaphor and rehabilitation is far more desirable. The point, however, is gerrymandering has to go and removing it poses challenges.

Gerrymandering itself is an expression of a sick, distressed economic and political system moving from systemic dysfunction towards paralysis and collapse. Rooting out these symptoms of a deeper, greater illness requires systemic transformation. U.S. Federal law must be changed to abolish gerrymandering. To do so, however, means we the people must find healthy ways to strip the two primary parties, the capitalist Democrats and Republicans, of their power. The rule of law must be by and for all people in reality, especially the working classes. The latter includes the professional middle class. The power to determine what the rule of law is must be established once and for all by and for all of the people and not merely for the wealthy neo-aristocrats of Capitalism, i.e. those who write the law to benefit those in power, i.e. themselves, not those they allegedly represent in this clever sham of a democratic republic.

The Duopoly of Republicans and Democrats is referred to as “The Two-Headed Snake” for a number of reasons. The majority of two-party members have far more in common than not including sharing positions thru the same so-called institutional revolving doors in industry, academia, finance, secret societies, the military, intelligence, non-profits, and nepotic pseudo-dynasties. Democrats and Republicans are anchored into systems rooted in capitalism, imperialism, racism, rigid religiosity, and ignorance. How many understand, for example, what the definition of “imperialism” is? This ignorance, including the ignorance of science, geography, and history, has gone on far too long already. This Duopoly puts party and power before people, country, and planet. We must allow independents and alternative parties to campaign and govern. The term “third party” needs to be dropped as the use of it maintains a collective mindset overdue to be purged. Americans can then begin to roll back Federal laws capping the size, shape, and architecture of the Legislative branch.

The solution to gerrymandering is simple. Abolish the existence of all legislative districts and the curse of their ever-mutating borders. We do not need separate legislative districts, and we don’t need them because we already have them. Simply declare our counties, parishes, and independent towns and cities to be legislative districts.

The only boundaries to be adjusted will be those where counties and cities overlay one another or counties so large in geographical size as to require further division. Eventually we can visit whether or not to change the boundaries of states and territories including the creation of new states.

Basing legislative districts upon ethnicity, gender, religion, and everchanging population, however, shall be banned. There won’t be any need for separate state and federal commissions or so-called nonbiased algorithmic redistricting. Each county, parish, and city becomes its own, separate legislative district. At such there will not be any separate name and number for legislative district this and that. There will simply be the legislative representatives of County X and City Z. Each local municipality and county will elect their own representatives to all three current levels: local, state, and federal or national. Real, functioning, representative local-state-federal government will finally be truly established for the first time.

Ideally when our species matures and evolves enough to overcome all our tribalistic national differences to unite and integrate ourselves into a planetwide democratic socialist republic or whatever progressive new cooperative governing system is built, we can move to elect local representatives to a democratic world parliament and remove nation-state and state/provincial regimes. Building a local-global regime will be revolutionary.

We humans must grow up first, however, if we are to ever fix the damage we made to the world and to ourselves. For now we citizens must find ways to reform our legislatures and overturn laws established by entrenched capitalist self-interests in the disguise of liberty and behind the illusions of democratic elections. We must replace these laws of lies and replace them with laws by and for all people. Resolving gerrymandering from there would henceforth be simple exercises.

Yes, removing the Democrat-Republican Duopoly from power will take great effort. Large-scale bureaucratic transitions take time as new laws and policies are printed out and old ones retired. Some people will pull out their hair and wrangle their hands. Mistakes will be made, and the wise will learn any lessons to be discerned from such mistakes. So, are you serious about eradicating this parasitic infestation of gerrymanders or not?

To be clear, ending gerrymandering will not end ethnic, religious, and political polarization and strife. Ending gerrymandering will, however, end the corruption, deception, and confusion generated by neverending and inherently discriminatory legislative boundary changes. Ending gerrymandering will help restore and expand democracy in our electoral and legislative processes. A greater degree of direct local-national and even direct local-regional and local-global democracy will become possible.


William Dudley Bass
Thursday 11 January 2018


Copyright 2018 © by William Dudley Bass. All Rights Reserved until we humans establish our Earth and Solarian Commons. Thank you.

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