Grexit Crisis: EU Disunion or Greater Unification?

Sometimes the fate of the world hinges on how a seemingly local crisis is resolved or escalates. So it is with Greece.

2x.01 Grexit Crisis

Greece and Europa, and yes, the world is at yet another unsteady crossroads. We look at the Grexit Crisis within the context of the Bigger Picture here in this article. The outcome of today’s Grexit Crisis may plunge us further into recession and depression, or begin to turn things around for the working class everywhere. The Grexit Crisis may trip us closer into a nuclear world war, which, seriously, already looms far closer than many realize or most want to think. Or in a much more preferable outcome so rearrange the balance of military and geopolitical power as to make such a conflagration unlikely. The European Union could fracture, as seems likely, as it is primarily a non-democratic financial treaty organization, or draw itself together into a truly democratic political federation where the working classes assert more socialist power.

The leaders of the European Union, under pressure from the Troika, today gave Greece and its Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras five more days to submit another set of proposals. The Troika demanded the new proposals be worded as if the Greek government is, ironically, responsible to save the Eurozone from financial catastrophe and possible economic collapse. It’s as if those political puppets of the capitalist plutocrats are crying, “Save us by further enriching the banksters who engineered this damn mess in the first place!”

The creditors of the Troika composed of the European Central Bank (ECB), the International Monetary Fund, and the European Commission (EC as the executive body of the EU), demand repayment and greater austerity from a nation unable to do either. The Troika has manipulated and exploited Greece and sucked it dry. If anything, the banksters, those pro-Troika gangsters in business suits, praised as educated standard bearers of capitalism, behave as financial vampires. Anchored in bastions of global financial power, they are determined to uphold the domination of finance capitalism as a form of neo-fascist tyranny over Europa. German Chancellor Angela Merkel, the woman who stared down Vladimir Putin and made him squirm in his chair earlier this year, comes across more and more as another cold-hearted Margaret Thatcher. We are all in a global class war, and the Grexit Crisis is a major battle in our struggle.

Much fear and paranoia has been and continues to be projected out into the mainstream mass media as well as some of the alternative ones. The pro-Troika side fears whatever they do or don’t do with Greece will set a bad example for the rest of the Eurozone. If they bail out Greece, then other nations within the EU will expect something similar. If they kick out one nation, then the others would fear being kicked out in the future, too, including for any hidden purpose with debt burdens as an excuse to cover the real reasons. If Greece exits the Eurozone, thus the Grexit, Greece exits the European Union. How else can the Greeks stay in, as the EU is not a political union of equals but the result of an economic treaty between unequal members?

If Greece leaves the EU, then those other nations devastated by austerity and recession such as Portugal, Spain, and Italy may also leave the Eurozone and the EU. In addition, nations such as the UK, Ireland, Austria, and Hungary may all seek to leave, too, but for different purposes. Some of them may seek to form their own competitive economic union or become junior partners within the BRICS (Brazil-Russia-India-China-South Africa) and other alternative financial blocs to the de facto Euro-American Global Empire dominated by the Bretton Woods Three (IMF, the World Bank, and the WTO). It will likely lead to Greeks allying themselves with Russia and China and leverage them against the Turks. Germany will lose its neo-imperium within the Eurozone.

NATO will splinter. Is the United States, Canada, Germany, or the United Kingdom actually willing to engage the Russian Federation in all-out global war including with nuclear weapons if the Russians invade the Baltic States? Especially if Russia invades with Putin’s “little green men,” troops without any identification blending in with local sympathizers in a Baltic city with strong pro-Russian ethnic minorities? The Euro-American empire has overextended itself. The North Americans will retrench back to Canada and the USA and say to Hell with those messy Europeans. The British will attempt to reposition themselves once again as the linchpin of the North Atlantic between North America and Europa.

The Russians and China, even Iran, have strong interests in demolishing NATO and in doing so without a nuclear world war. Russia in particular seeks to assert its imperial hegemony across parts of Eastern and Central Europe as China seeks to do the same in its own imperial sphere. The Russians don’t intend to bail out the Greeks, but they can offer enough help to gain strategic military and commercial footholds along the Greek coastlines and economic hubs in return. If too greedy, the Russians will soon find their renewed empire as overextended as the Americans are now. Quite possibly the so-called New Cold War or Cold War II will dissipate as the march to another world war falls apart.

The current Syriza government in Greece, along with Podemos in Spain, gives hope to the working classes to help build a just, democratic socialist international economic system. The capitalists seek to prevent this even as their system crumbles into decay. None of the factions seek another financial crisis rocketing forth to keep the cancerous Great Global Recession alive. None of these factions want to see a large-scale world war, especially with nuclear weapons. Some factions, especially those among ultranationalists, militarists, and the top banksters, may itch for low-level wars, yes, to profit from and instigate localized, short-termed economic collapses to plunder, but none of them seek their own omnicidal annihilation.

There are other opportunities here, too.

The disintegration of the European Union and its Eurozone along with the fragmentation of NATO provides the opportunities for the working classes and for democratic socialism to establish themselves in power across a number of European countries. They would be free from what’s left of the de facto Euro-American global empire. This would inspire people the world over. It would also challenge the BRICS to be less authoritarian and more democratic and green as well.

The breakup of the EU and then NATO will stop the march toward nuclear world war in its tracks. Wars may yet come, but they won’t be nuclear or global. Russia and China, their economies already stretched to the max, will have their hands full dealing with the consequences of such a double breakup.

Full political European unification is another possibility. The European Union survives by moving beyond an economic treaty union into a fully united federation, not as a supranational superstate but as one large union of states federated into a single parliamentary republic with a single currency. Ideally the larger nation-states will agree to be divided into smaller states in the new union. They may include Scotland, Wales, and England from the UK; Brittany, Corsica, and Occitania from France, Flanders from Belgium, Catalonia and Aragon from Spain; the Basques from both France and Spain; the Sami of northeastern Scandinavia; Bavaria, Franconia, East Frisia, and South Scleswing from Germany, among over thirty-some currently stateless-nations.

Such may not happen right away. It seems unlikely at best. Yet the consequences of keeping each nation-state intact as it becomes a state united with others may well be worse. The ultranationalists of the larger nation-states such as Germany and Great Britain will resist such division. These menageries of nation-states and stateless-nations share one large peninsula of one large continent. They’re crammed together. As such they may eventually realize giving up their illusions of independence to embrace with conscious intention their interdependence they gain more than they would lose. Far more! They lose the larger states but gain far, far more in the way of many new nation-states willing to surrender their sovereignty (again, in many cases) to join a single, powerful united federation of Europa. It may be the only way to prevent nations such as Germany and France from dominating the new union once these nations all become united states.

As a single political and economic union of states, Europa would finally become its own unified superpower. It would not need NATO, as it would be able to defend itself. It can address its overwhelming immigration and financial challenges as a unified state. A United Europa would carve out its own sphere of influence and serve as a counterweight to North America, the Russians, and the Chinese. It could serve as inspiration to Latin America and the African Union to move toward greater regional and continental unification. Eventually it may light a path towards a world government in a way the Global Financial Elites did not expect and would dread.

What kind of government? We may get ahead of ourselves here. The opportunity exists for the working classes and the rest of the so-called 99% to build a truly just, transparent democratic socialist political and economic system. Democracy can then exist in all areas from the civil and political to the economic and financial to the military and intelligence. Decisions will be made not by capitalists and their imperial and fascist allies but by everyday working people at all walks of life. They can abolish those old European monarchies, too, or allow these remaining aristocrats to linger on as an archaic embarrassment, as a reminder of all the blood and treasure expended in their wars, and for purposes of mindless entertainment for those who indulge in, ahem, celebrities.

At any rate, the Grexit Crisis is likely not to be truly catastrophic as many fear, and it presents opportunities. What directions will Syriza and Greece, and by extension Germany and the whole EU choose? What actions will Russia and the United States take in the wake of either European fragmentation or true federation? What impact will these possible results have upon the immigration crisis? What will the banksters do as their power slips away? What steps will political organizations from across the working classes take so as to take power away from capitalist banksters and corporacrats? What must people do to establish democracy and socialism in the workplace as well as in government? First, their level of consciousness and education must be raised and expanded beyond the habitual ways of being we were all raised within.


William Dudley Bass
Tuesday 7 July 2015
Seattle, Washington

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The above image was randomly found and copied from the following article, “Greek default necessary but Grexit is not,” by Wolfgang Münchau in The Greek Crisis, a blog on European geopolitics created by Dr. Aristides Hatzis, and altered in iPhoto on iMac. I was unable to find any copyright claim for this image, although the link is copied here: <–km0/VTQ7dT3j8gI/AAAAAAAAYtw/66OiFfh8Y1I/s1600/01.jpg>.

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