Goddess Dead

In the end
The woman was a stranger to me.
She laid curled shuddering in blood and tears
At the bottom of her privacy so long
Hot water ran cold as if from faraway graves.
I chose her anyway.
All of her.
Every damn bit of her
I chose.
She couldn’t believe it.
Didn’t really want to, even.
Tho she said she was glad
Turns out she’d merely gone mad.

We found each other online
Far away from one another
In a field of white and blue.

Beautiful woman with pale blue eyes and yellow horse hair,
Plush full lips and an alpine nose,
Slavic ancestors from the Eastern Steppes.
She’d gone crazy,
And told me wonderful stories
Of riding pigs and baking up mud.

Yes, she’d gone crazy,
But I wished I listened to her more.
She was brilliant as starlight reflected
In the steel of samurai swords
Swishing crimson thru all those movies she watched.
She saw things deeper than those eyes in the face
Of the man with the Blue Guitar.

She lived far down in rabbit holes crawling with spiders
Tucked away along the edges of old trees
Clustered back a bit from bushes growing wild
Along the banks of the river,
An enormous river running muddy blue
And deep.

Haunted by the ghosts of Egypt
And the guilt of working for transnational corporations,
So empathic with the world she couldn’t bear any more sorrow
Yet the world kept pouring forth pain
Like ants gushing up from underground.
More than anything, however, she missed her dogs.

At the end she denied everything I thought she once said.
I became her lightning rod for all things evil.
She obliterated me as sands once covered the Sphinx
I stayed home in Cascadia bereft of Europa.

The ghosts of her echoes
Haunt my mind
Whenever I look East into the Rising Sun.
Somewhere in dreams of bloody blue
A reggae band plays in silence
In solidarity with the Deaf
So I may dance unloved and bereft.
Alexandria killed
All grief beyond books hidden in attics.
In the beginning, see,
The woman was a stranger to me.

As time passes far beyond storms of sand and sea,
I remember mostly
A Goddess trapped in flesh,
Crying and already dead.


William Dudley Bass
25 November 2013
& then
27 March 2016
Seattle, Washington

Copyright © 2016 by William Dudley Bass. All Rights Reserved until we Humans establish Wise Stewardship of and for our Earth and Solarian Commons. Thank you.



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