Full Disclosure and World Democracy Now!

View of Antarctica and the Southern Ocean with tip of Africa visible. Composite NASA image from the Scientific Visualization Studio for the International Polar Year 2005.

View of Antarctica from low orbit if the ice cap was removed. Created with Bedmap2 by the British Antarctic Survey with NASA’s ICESat and Operation IceBridge, 2013.


We live in the midst of a time of transition. Now is a time of final endings and new beginnings. We live during a time of great volatility, destruction, and fear, yet also one vibrant with dynamic and revolutionary possibilities. Together we experience the ending of the Modern Age as global capitalism breaks down and global climate disruption accelerates. New energy sources and technologies begin to emerge as the old dinosaurs of coal and oil still roar. Marx, Engels, Trotsky, and others are being rediscovered upon the centenary of the Russian Revolution as more information is uncovered to discover what actually occurred and not the slander and falsehoods portrayed as “history.” Socialism, basically the expansion of democracy into all areas of life, is in a process of rebirth and renewal. At the same time our scientists discover more and more stars and planets likely to support life, humanity experiences more UFO and ET phenomena than ever before.

More and more whistleblowers dare to come forth to disclose what they know. These people include not only everyday folks, but top scientists and engineers, astronauts and pilots, military officers and intelligence agents, corporate CEOs, and high government officials. They are all credible people in their own right regardless if one agrees or disagrees with their individual politics and religions. Our fellow Humans who risk all for the truth face ridicule, harassment, loss of jobs, dismissal, threats to families, and in some cases what appears to be murder disguised as suicides or accidents.

Yet incredibly the mainstream mass media behaves as if these people are stupid and insane. Mainstream academia, beholden to corporate overlords and bureaucratic tyrants, remains too terrified and astonishingly ignorant to address these challenging subjects. Thus the people who most need to pull their heads up out of their smartfoneholes won’t even look at these life-changing issues. They will instead debunk these matters even when confronted with clear evidence governments deliberately created and engaged in debunking and smear campaigns during the height of the Cold War to distract the public from the enormity of the truth.

It is vital we human beings continue to awaken from old patterns of self-destruction to build new political and economic systems. We can do better than the horrors we visit upon each other and ourselves. We must ascend our current and prehistoric limitations.

We must support the establishment of a Constitutional, Democratic Socialist World Republic.

Creating a Democratic Socialist World Parliament with all representatives subject to recall in a participatory republic is a primary step in this direction.

Demanding Full Disclosure now is imperative.

What must we do now?

We must move beyond anachronistic and destructive nation-state systems and capitalist economies. We must move towards a new planetary and solarian federated socialist republic of some type formed by sovereign individuals choosing to cooperate as world citizens. Interconnected local and regional communities integrated into a global network can pool resources and move energy and resources wherever needed as needed.

Democracy must be reclaimed in the realms of politics and government. Establishing full transparency and citizen participation is key. Democracy must also be expanded into the economic and financial realms with public ownership and control of the money powers. As such these financial institutions and associated regulatory agencies must be transparent, auditable, and accountable to the public. Money can be eventually abolished and replaced with a socially responsible system of contributionism rooted in abundance-and-sharing mentalities rather than scarcity-and-competition mindsets.

Individual liberties and social responsibilities must be recognized and integrated. Civilian control of the military-security and intelligence-surveillance powers must be maintained, expanded, and be fully accountable to the public.

We can best resolve the complex and overwhelming array of global challenges and wicked problems currently overwhelming Humanity as a united planet. Indeed democratic world government as a cooperative network of autonomous localities interconnected within a socialist economy may be the only way forward altho not the end goal itself.

A pragmatic plan to leverage a Global Referendum to establish a Democratic World Parliament for Planet Earth may well be the next major advance in our evolution as species. People have already been voting in recent years in this on-going Global Referendum with the Yes vote far outweighing the Nays.

Separately and perhaps even more importantly the peaceful, cooperative establishment of global democratic economic and political structures facilitates the emerging Full Disclosure Movement and the growing demand for full disclosure by governments and corporations of information and artifacts regarding interconnected yet hypercompartmentalized phenomena and controversies.

We demand Full Disclosure and verification of for all Humanity in at least the following ten areas:

1) UFOs, USOs, UAPs/UAVs, orbs, ETs, EDs/IDs, USAPs/Waived USAPs, the role of consciousness in UFOs and orbs, and the Secret Space Programs or SSPs

2) Various Cabal syndicates, factions, and opposing, even warring alliances

3) The A.I. threat

4) Previously unknown and hidden histories, ancient even prehistoric as well as modern events, and their political, economic, financial, religious, and socio-cultural implications

5) Human abductions, trafficking, genetic engineering, and slavery

6) Radically revolutionary developments in science including physics, chemistry, biology, and astronomy

7) Hyperadvanced technologies including new metallurgy, free energy devices, advanced propulsion and portal technologies, healing systems for regeneration and longevity, matter replicators, advanced communications technology, nanotechnology, neurotechnology, and the development of focused psychic abilities

8) Acknowledging and honoring whistleblowers and their covert allies

9) Holding both human and non-human entities accused of gross crimes against humanity fully accountable

10) Breakthroughs in understanding and expanding consciousness and related spiritual considerations.

Full Disclosure now! We can handle the truth. We oppose any partial half-assed disclosure rolled out across yet another century. It’s time we demand truth and accountability from those in power.

Indeed, it’s past time we rise up and demolish the corrupt, broken, irreparable Capitalist system we all dwell within. It’s time for a revolution against and beyond a Capitalist system and its imaginary invisible hands as despotic, screwed up, and obsolete, as were those past systems of human sacrifice, chattel slavery, and feudalism.

Capitalism with its robber barons, business tycoons, and mythic entrepreneurs making the world a better place while destroying it are as ridiculous and anachronistic as were all of those damn kings, queens, empresses, and emperors as gods and goddesses with some imaginary divine right to rule. No partial disclosure! Our world is in crisis, and we must have the truth to address these crises.

These vital issues affect and will affect every human being and indeed all life above, on, and in Planet Earth. These matters challenge our species on an existential level and demand we Humans grow up and unite ourselves. Yes, people, as one species sharing one planet, it’s high time we grow the frak up!

Any and all serious efforts to resolve our numerous, overlapping wicked problems demand a unified, integrated, planet-wide, democratic socialist approach. Earth Unification and Full Disclosure facilitate and complement each other. We demand both. Not in ten years. Not in one hundred years or a thousand. Not even in one year. We demand both now. Now!

Finally, lastly and separately, what in Earth is going on down in Antarctica?


William Dudley Bass
October 2016 &
February 2017
Seattle, Washington
North America


Image Sources:

First Image is from Global View of the Arctic and Antarctic on September 21, 2005: http://svs.gsfc.nasa.gov/vis/a000000/a003400/a003402/index.html.

Second Image is from NASA’S IceBridge Mission Contributes to New Map of Antarcticahttps://www.nasa.gov/topics/earth/features/antarctic-map.html.


Copyright © 2016, 2017 by William Dudley Bass except for images of Antarctica from NASA’s .gov website.
Otherwise All Rights Reserved by the Author & his Descendants
Until we Humans establish Wise Stewardship over and for our
Earth and Solarian Commons.
Thank you.

*  *  *





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