A Foto out of Place: UFO Disinfo Confusion

Unanswered Questions

What was an incredible and informative article by one of the leading pioneers of Exopolitics became confused and tainted with disinformation from the US Navy. Dr. Michael Salla’s detailed descriptions as well as his recovery from the planted disinfo makes for rapt reading. Ultimately the errors were resolved and the resulting confusion clarified. His article, however, immediately raised a number of questions for those already familiar with the narratives of whistleblowers such as Corey Goode and Randy Cramer. These questions arose before we even get to the controversial foto of a flying saucer on the deck of an aircraft carrier at sea.

Were the so-called Nordic ETs a distinct species of actual Extraterrestrial origin, or were they one of the Inner Earth humanoid civilizations such as The Asgard Network with its Silver Fleet Corey Goode initially alluded to early on, or the Ansher Saturnalians that Corey Goode referred to later? Or even an interstellar descendent of breakaway human-like civilizations that left Earth long ago?

Remember Goode’s claims these Inner Earthers developed highly advanced inner-world civilizations, developed humanoid colonies elsewhere in the Milky Way beyond our Sol star system, and fought against the Draco Empire. They also were alleged to assist the early German Secret Societies such as the Vril, but less so the later Nazi ones. What do you think of these possible connections, Dr. Salla? Anyone else? Answering these question will give us a deeper understanding and greater grasp on a complex and fluid situation.

Dr. Michael Salla’s article presents a provocative and informative read. He’s been a significant contribution to the recognition and development of Exopolitics as a field. I am grateful to Dr. Salla for his diligence and thoroughness, but this time I wonder if excitement interfered with judgment. It’s easy to get so caught up in the testimonies of whistleblowers we forget to scrutinize and validate all of their claims. I’ve done so myself. If the bulk of their allegations are true, which does indeed seem to be the case here, that doesn’t mean everything they observe or each opinion advanced are equally valid. Dr. Salla’s efforts to resolve confusion around the mystery of the fotograf, assisted by others who came forward with inside knowledge of the foto in question, are indeed remarkable in an age of trolls and flame wars. Rather than being defensive and armed with excuses, Dr. Salla was upfront, transparent, and cleared this up with aplomb.

The testimony of William M. Tompkins, while rambling, has held up to scrutiny. Tompkins is a retired aerospace engineer who began his career as a covert operative in Naval Intelligence during the Second World War and early Cold War. He recently claimed an old black-&-white foto shown him of an alien flying saucer upon the deck of an American aircraft carrier was a genuine reproduction. Tompkins recognized the AC in the foto as the USS Coral Sea, named after the crucial May 1942 battle in the South Pacific. One the flip side of the foto was inscribed, “U.S. Navy, top-secret, eyes only, 1955.” One can see the foto here at http://exopolitics.org/us-navy-photo-of-alien-ufo-landing-on-aircraft-carrier-is-genuine-claims-aerospace-engineer/.

Discrepancies quickly became apparent, however, after studying the image of the foto. Some were noticed by other readers and pointed out as well. These oddities presented an intriguing situation. After further research, all done online, I attempted to pin down and align the carrier locations, the time frame of the aircraft visible on deck, and related historical events.

A few things to consider including the great canvas this narrative arcs across:


The Indochina Wars began in 1945 even before World War 2 was over, and continued to about 1990. The Americans assisted the French imperialists in Indochina during the 1945-1954 phase, and there are claims the United States under President Eisenhower and Secretary of State John Foster Dulles offered the French anywhere from 2 to 3 small atomic bombs to help relieve the Vietnamese siege of Dien Bien Phu (March-May 1954). The French also requested atomic strikes. The US Joint Chiefs of Staff considered massive conventional bombing as well. The US plan was titled Operation Vulture. American, French, and British leaders assumed the war would spread into China and eventually involve the USSR.

Cooler heads prevailed, and U.S. air strikes including nukes were called off. The recent carnage of the Korean War (1950-1953) as well as the complexities of the Chinese Civil War next door was still fresh in people’s minds. During the 1954 Battle of Dien Bien Phu the USA did move two aircraft carriers into the Gulf of Tonkin to strike. I can’t find the names of these carriers. Some sources say there were three ACs, but “3” may be a misprint. The wars never stopped, of course, and the US intervened beginning with insertion of military advisors into what became South Vietnam in 1955. The Americans derailed the first democratic elections across all of Vietnam for fear of certain victory by Viet Minh communist nationalists. These events, by the way, are not to be confused with the Gulf of Tonkin Incidents and False Flag Controversies of 1964. Those ACs in the Gulf of Tonkin in 1954, however, were from the 7th Fleet, which did not then include the U.S.S. Coral Sea.

U.S.S. Coral Sea:

The USS Coral Sea, CVB-43, was in the Atlantic and Mediterranean from its launch in 1946 to entering into the Pacific Ocean in early 1957. There are Naval websites that track AC movements, too. The USS Coral Sea joined the Seventh Fleet off Vietnam in December 1964-January 1965 and continued to serve in the Pacific theaters, including engaging in numerous attacks during the Vietnam-American War. Eventually the AC rejoined the Atlantic and Mediterranean fleets in 1983. The majestic ship was ultimately decommissioned in 1990.

It seems during most of 1955 the USS Coral Sea was in the North Atlantic and the Mediterranean when the foto was declared to have been taken. Obviously in any remote oceanic area of either the Pacific or the Atlantic a space craft could land undetected by any shore-based observation. It’s possible, however, the flying saucer landed on the deck of the aircraft carrier, if that’s what indeed occurred, while at port. In other words, the UFO hid in plain sight. The narrative, however, indicates the alleged incident happened while the AC was out at sea.

The USS Coral Sea was also a straight-flight deck carrier rather than the latter angled-deck. It is difficult to discern the level or angle of the deck in the foto above, but the section displayed looks straight or flat to me, especially the way all craft sit upon the vessel. This foto had to appear before the straight-level flight deck was modified and reconfigured as an angled deck during major reconstruction in 1960. I point this out as others note those US Navy Prowlers came into service in 1963.

The Planes on the Deck:

Tompkins claims the “attack-type” planes on the deck are A-6s. In commentary the term “Prowlers” are used post-1963. There are numerous variations of these planes as the design evolved. The Grumman A-6 Intruder was designated the A-6A in 1962, and were in service by early 1963. They were magnificent naval jets noted for their long-range fuel capacity as well as heavy bomb carriage, could deliver nukes, and were used heavily in the Vietnam War. The Prowlers came later, however, as the Northrup Grumman EA-6B Prowler. They were developed from the A-6 for electronic warfare and electronic countermeasures. There was an EA-6A design to bridge development, but the EA-6B Prowler prototype first flew in May 1968 and finally entered service on US Navy ACs in July 1971.

So if those planes are indeed Prowlers, then the date must be pushed back past 1963 (from 1955) to 1971 at the earliest.

If one studies the design of the planes with the hooked-back flight refueling probes and the snub-nosed plane with the 2-person cockpit, then those planes are NOT Prowlers, which carry at least 3 people. They are indeed A-6 Intruders. There could also be designs fewer in number that are not readily found in research either. So we are looking at least at 1963. Prowlers came almost a decade later, and had a smaller, second cockpit, as the crew was one pilot and up to three Electronic Countermeasures Officers.

Finally, see the jet marked 2253 and VF-84 on its fuselage? It’s from Fighter Squadron 84 with the nickname the Jolly Rogers, tho originally called the Vagabonds. There were other Jolly Rogers squadrons, too. The primary one was the VF-84 Jolly Rogers of 1955-1995. VF-84 was based out of Virginia Beach at NAS Oceana in 1955, deployed to the USS Randolph 1958-1959 in the Atlantic, to the USS Independence in 1962 thru the 1960s, transitioning into the Pacific and then the Gulf of Tonkin in 1965. VF-84 was then assigned to the USS Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1970. The pilots of VF-84 flew FJ-3 Furies starting in 1955, Crusaders beginning in 1959, switched to F-4 Phantom IIs in 1964, and then to the F-14 Tomcats in the late 1970s. Keep these connections in mind as we continue down the rabbit hole here.

The shape of the Jolly Roger plane in the foto above seems could be a Phantom, but likely a Crusader. Hard to tell. Except the A-6 Intruders were 1963 and Prowlers in 1971, the VF-84 Crusaders 1959-1964, and Phantoms 1964 into the late 70s. So the Jolly Roger plane would have to be a Crusader but looks more like a Phantom. Again, it’s hard to tell.

One thing seems clear at least from a quick scan of the data: The squadron VF-84 wasn’t ever stationed on the USS Coral Sea. It is possible the squadron may have been onboard the USS Coral Sea after all but on a highly classified mission off the public record. This is highly unlikely, however, as so many things are not in alignment here.

So just what US Aircraft Carrier is that one in the foto, and what date was it?


The AC in the foto was not the USS Coral Sea. William Tomkins made a quick assumption when he was shown the foto and misidentified the vessel at hand. We must also recall today’s year is 2016, and many of those events happened over half a century ago. The image was itself most likely part of a government disinfo psych-op to lure in and discredit whistleblowers. Even if it wasn’t, not all links between dots are accurate. Memory, sadly enough, is fallible, especially when confronted with a confusing array of truths, falsehoods, red herrings, straw dogs, misunderstandings, deceptions, half truths, and true lies.


Apparently the foto in question was taken of the deck of the USS Franklin D. Roosevelt during a mission in the Mediterranean Sea in April 1975. The image was heavily doctored, a highly skilled endeavor in the age before small computers and foto-alteration software. The name of the AC was removed from some of the VF-84 jetplanes. A Soviet naval intelligence-gathering vessel fotografed approaching the American carrier was removed from the image. A flying saucer-shaped spacecraft was inserted into the picture. The details of this amazing investigation, the history of the fotograf itself, and the inquiry into for what purpose or hidden agenda may be behind the planting of this altered foto are found in Dr. Michael Salla’s article here at http://exopolitics.org/photo-of-ufo-landing-on-aircraft-carrier-reveals-navy-disinformation-campaign/.

As this labyrinthine struggle between the network of Cabal syndicates and the alliances opposing them intensifies, we can expect to see more whistleblower testimonies and data dumps skewered from trolls, debunkers, and disinformation agents. It pays to be astute in our discernments and put aside reactive opinions and judgments. The truth is at stake, and if what’s alleged to be true is indeed so, then so is the whole planet and everything on and in it.


William Dudley Bass
May 2016
June 2016
Seattle, Washington


This article arose from a series of commentaries I posted to Dr. Michael Salla on his Exopolitics website.


Salla, Michael. “U.S. Navy Photo Of Alien UFO Landing On Aircraft Carrier is Genuine Claims Aerospace Engineer,” Exopolitics: Secret Space Programs. 2016. <http://exopolitics.org/us-navy-photo-of-alien-ufo-landing-on-aircraft-carrier-is-genuine-claims-aerospace-engineer/>.

Salla, Michael. “Photo of UFO Landing On Aircraft Carrier Reveals Navy Disinformation Campaign,” Exopolitics: Exopolitics Research, World Politics. 2016. <http://exopolitics.org/photo-of-ufo-landing-on-aircraft-carrier-reveals-navy-disinformation-campaign/>.


Copyright © 2016 by William Dudley Bass. All Rights Reserved until we Humans establish Wise Stewardship of and for our Earth and Solarian Commons. Thank you.

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