Fear and Paranoia: Down Out of the UFO Attic

UFOs are taboo.

To be more precise, as Unidentified Flying Objects seem to come and go as they please and not when and where as we would expect or even like, it is the topic of UFOs which is taboo. This includes many squirmy topics, which may or may not be completely true nor completely false, such as: shape-shifting and transforming objects, alien abductions with grotesque medical, genetic, and sexual experiments, mutilations of animals including cattle, horses, and humans, USOs or UUOs (Unidentified Submersible Objects or Unidentified Underwater Objects), secret underground and underwater bases, soul harvesting, anomalies on the Moon and on Mars and elsewhere which appear to be the ruins of vastly ancient civilizations, mysterious orbs, biomechanical or cyborg ships, Cold War conspiracies, ridicule by the authorities, stupidity in the media, cover-ups by hypercompartmentalized entities within or outside the military/security-industrial/corporate-education/prison-intelligence/surveillance complex, extraterrestrial and/or interdimensional species and technologies, free energy, and secret weapons.

There are allegations by whistleblowers and others in or who used to be in the militaries, intelligence agencies, scientific institutions, and other reputable organizations around the planet about and for these things. There are the so-called “black projects” within Unacknowledged Special Access Programs (USAPs). A deluge of documents has been declassified by a number of governments that demonstrate a significant and prolonged interest in a mystery otherwise dismissed and debunked in public.

A taboo is more than something banned. Taboos are prohibitions against forbidden subjects, objects, practices, feelings, and beliefs. They are strong and powerful elements of cultural indoctrination. Taboos include the unspeakables and the unmentionables. They’re beyond rudeness or even issues of legality and criminality. And within government agencies and major corporations there are secrets within secrets within secrets within secrets with multiple and different levels of classification.

The Red Flag of a taboo boundary being approached raises when someone first warns, often in a pseudo-humorous or overly-alarmed manner, the perceived offender with statements such as “Oh, please, don’t go there,” “We don’t go there,” “What happened in Vegas stays in Vegas,” or “TMI!” for “Too Much [private and personal] Information!”

Taboos have a function. They are remnants of survival mechanisms built into early social structures including families, clans, and tribes. Killing people and stealing from someone are terrible things, certainly. Yes, AND you do not EVER, for example, have sex with your parents, children, and siblings, or kill, cook, and eat them for dinner. Incest and cannibalism are taboos. Blasphemy remains so, too, although today it’s expressed more in the political arena against “sacred” secular symbols, rituals, and despots in power than they are in fundamentalist religious institutions. There are regions of the world, however, where Medieval beliefs of blasphemy still hold sway in fundamentalist religious societies.

Individuals who engaged in incest and cannibalism and even blasphemy once captured were gazed upon with a certain horror and quickly put to death. People thought to be vampires were buried with stones shoved in their mouths to prevent them from biting the living. Their corpses were nailed down inside coffins to prevent upward reanimation.

In today’s world when one engages publicly in so-called “fringe,” “sci-fi fantasy,” or “conspiracy theory” as a whistleblower, investigator, researcher, journalist, or former participant that person is attacked. They are ridiculed, humiliated, denigrated, and lampooned. Many have been fired from their jobs, demoted, or have had their funding slashed. A number of people claimed to have been threatened, including threatened with having their family members killed. Some of these have gone on to perish in accidents and from illnesses that seem odd or make little sense. When a number of people associated with taboo subjects such as UFOs perish in odd ways, it feels … spooky. What actually occurred often remains a mystery, and even if the bulk of these deaths prove coincidental and natural, they still serve to nonetheless intimidate and silence people who may otherwise come forward. For whatever reason, enormous effort and resources are expended in debunking and suppressing those who violate UFO taboos.

As someone who has experienced UFOs including seeing them on three different occasions as of this time, even to write and publish articles on the matter risks ridicule. I have concerns, for example, of being branded as “silly,” “weird,” or a “kook” or worse, and thus dismissed from consideration for certain jobs, projects, and positions. There are fears that if I discover certain things or write “too much,” someone or some thing may come after me. Then my imagination runs amok from speculating everything from hostile aliens to dangerous humans coming to “get” me. That fear alone is enough to cause one to pause. Thus decades of official and secret ridicule and suppression continues. This maintains public ignorance, skepticism, and fear while effectively silencing public discourse on UFOs and related topics.

So I come down out of the attic and out of the closet anyway. These strange and baffling objects and associated events must be addressed if for no other reasons then to acknowledge scientific truth as well as national and planetary security issues. It is clear from decades of official documents and reports as well as reputable witnesses something is going on and that something is serious and significant. It is also clear the majority of these objects move as if under intelligent control and direction and they are not publicly from any known human organization. Laws of science as we currently understand them appear to be violated as if by magic. Official disclosure from the top leaders of major nation-states appears unlikely. There is growing evidence for the existence of a so-called breakaway deep civilization being formed by some among the One Percent. The mysterious entities in control of these events seem to be in no hurry to reveal what they are to the whole world.

As a species we are long overdue in confronting what may well be an old reality.

As an individual it took me decades to finally generate the courage to publish my own experiences of UFOs. As an outsider, I can’t even imagine what it must be like for someone with access to hypercompartmentalized information and/or experiences to publicly come forth. When will we wake up as a people and discover what’s going on? Perhaps even those humans in the know don’t really understand the nature of these mysteries. It seems logical we of Earth must unite on some level as a species to craft appropriate responses to these intrusions, intrusions we would not tolerate between ourselves. What’s next for us?


William Dudley Bass
Monday 31 December 2012
Wednesday 2 January 2013
Shoreline/Seattle, Washington
Planet Earth
Sol Star System

NOTES: For further information on the UFO events experienced by my family and me within the context of history, including the Cold War, see “UFO Encounter in Virginia,” at http://williamdudleybass.com/ufo-encounter-in-virginia.

For two other anomalous UFO events that I’ve witnessed, including possible so-called orbs, see the following articles:

“UFO witnessed in action from atop Mt. Erie, Washington,” at http://williamdudleybass.com/ufo-witnessed-in-action-from-atop-mt-erie-washington.

“UFO over Seattle on January 21, 2012,” at http://williamdudleybass.com/ufo-seattle-january-21-2012.

Thank you.

Copyright © 2012, 2013, 2014, 2016 by William Dudley Bass. All Rights Reserved until we Humans establish Wise Stewardship of and for our Earth and Solarian Commons. Thank you.



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2 thoughts on “Fear and Paranoia: Down Out of the UFO Attic

  1. On the subject of taboos, the presidential election of 2004 comes to mind. Look what happened to poor Denis Kucinich when word got out that he had acknowledged seeing a UFO. He was laughed right out of the election. And truth be told, the sightings are becoming more and more frequent around the globe. Including here in NE CT last summer…..where there was quite a brilliant display.

  2. Hi Cynthia, thanks for your feedback. It didn’t help Dennis Kucinich to decorate his banner & bumper stickers with so many stars & moons. I like Dennis. People such as him on the Left, Ron Paul of the Libertarians, & Bernie Saunders of the Independents were often dismissed for numerous reasons. It is noticeable both Ronald Reagan & Jimmy Carter were ridiculed for their UFO encounters. Many other “famous” people have seen UFOs, too.

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