Don’t Waste Your Vote on Obama or Romney

Don’t waste your vote on two-headed snakes. Do not vote for Democrat Barack Obama or Republican Mitt Romney. Vote independent.

Please don’t get me wrong, as both President Obama and former Governor Romney are fundamentally good men. They do, however, represent the lock on power the two major parties have on behalf of the Financial – Power Elite and their Allies. They already dominate our political landscape from Washington, D.C. to the most remote county. Any major party candidate, left and right, it doesn’t matter one whit, is constrained by dependence on sponsors and handlers. As such they will continue to undermine your Constitution. Their actions increase or allow for others to increase the power of the 1%ers over the rest of us 99%.

Republicans and Democrats rile us up and tear us apart over social issues and yet they differ little on true and significant reforms. There is little or no real movement to address the truly serious and potentially catastrophic issues we face today as not just Americans but as a species sharing this planet.

Instead our major politicians debate like entertainment celebrities and offer bland, band-aid solutions as they stay the course straight toward the edge of the cliff. For example, none of their ballyhooed economic and financial reforms will make a lick of difference until drastic reforms of the Fed, the international central banking system, fiat currency, the tax regime, and the ruptures between our economy, energy, and the environment are resolved.

Over the years you’ve likely heard the mantra warning citizens not to waste their votes on third party, alternative, or independent candidates. We the People are encouraged to give up and surrender to the reality that politics are a corrupt circus dominated by Big Everything – corporations, banks, political parties, special interests, and the military-industrial-surveillance complex. So we are told don’t waste our votes on any candidate who is not a Democrat or a Republican.

I say don’t waste your vote voting for the major party candidates. Save yourselves. Save your counties, towns, parishes, cities, states, territories, wards, and districts. Save your country. Save America. Save Planet Earth. Vote independent. Vote third party. Vote for liberty and the constitution. Vote against the tyranny of a gridlocked, two-party system that divides people emotionally over hot button social issues like abortion but otherwise are the same.

Don’t waste your vote on the Two-Headed Snakes who conspired to keep legitimate and highly qualified third party candidates out of the current 2012 presidential debates.

Don’t waste your vote on Republicans and Democrats as they lambast each other in debates serving as entertainment while attending the same so-called secret societies.

Don’t waste your vote on Democrats and Republicans who won’t address reforming or abolishing the Federal Reserve System, the IRS, the CIA, and suppress fellow party members who do tackle those issues.

Global climate disruption, health and food issues, the neverending drive for war and de facto empire, the failed wars on drugs and poverty, the rise of homegrown extremist fundamentalist religious groups, criminal gangs, and racist/militia groups in our communities, and the rapid expansion of the National Security State into everyday life including monitoring our digital communications and social media activities and betraying our civil liberties under the illusion of protecting aircraft, the militarization of police, currency reform, corporate and banker domination of not just our politics but our markets, businesses, jobs, and families: none of these are addressed or are at best skimmed over.

Corporate personhood? Banks bailed out? Remember Occupy Wall Street? Or the thousands of military and intelligence bases networked across America and around Earth?

The mainstream mass candidates who parrot their corporate and bankster handlers ignore the classic tension between individual liberties and social responsibilities.

We Americans have other candidates that represent not just change, which is just moving unsightly messes around from one place to another, but true transformation, taking action to address the roots of our problems down in the dirt. We have candidates who are courageous enough to look their fellow citizens in the eye and speak truth. And these candidates also differ from one another with deliberation and clarity on their solutions to our challenges.

There are many third party and alternative candidates. Four of the biggest, in no particular order, are:

1) Jill Stein of the Green Party. See:

2) Gary Johnson of the Libertarian Party. See:

3) Rocky Anderson of the Justice Party. See:

4) Virgil Goode of the Constitution Party. See:

These are the candidates to choose from and vote for. While they share much in common, such as staunch support of the U.S. Constitution and our civil liberties, they differ substantially on economic and social issues. You the Voter thus have real choices.

At this moment Mitt Romney is opinioned by many to have won the first Presidential debate with Barack Obama. Perhaps Obama will win the next debate. Maybe Obama will win the election. Or perhaps Romney will. Who wins may matter on social issues, but otherwise it really doesn’t matter because the Republicans and Democrats together control the Executive Branch, the Judicial Branch, and the Legislative Branch from the Federal to the States to cities and counties. Wars of Empire shall continue. Oh, they would look different under Romney vs. Obama, and they shall still continue. The Fed, the IRS, Homeland Security, the Patriot Act, FISA, the MCA, the NDAA, the CIA, the NSA, etc. etc. will continue as is and continue to grow. And forget about either of these major candidates daring to openly disclose the truth about UFOs.

Remember voting for multiple candidates does not make a government a democratic republic. Nazi Adolf Hitler was democratically elected to German Chancellor of the Weimar Republic. Dictators love elections because “winning” them validates their despotism. Many a Communist, Fascist, and theocratic tyrant from the former Soviet Union to the Islamic Republic of Iran held elections and dominated them. And here we have our own unique version of revolving, creeping dictatorship with the Democratic-Republic two-headed snake. So take back your right to vote. Don’t waste it perpetuating the system of the 1%.

Be independent. Vote independent.

William Dudley Bass
Wednesday 3 October 2012
Seattle/Shoreline, Washington

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Copyright © 2012, 2016 by William Dudley Bass. All Rights Reserved until we Humans establish Wise Stewardship of and for our Earth and Solarian Commons. Thank you.





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