Crazy Making: A Bad, Bad RapSongPoem with a Nod to the Beatles

Hey Gwen,
Hey Hey, Crazy Gweeyin,
In the news today,
O boy,
I heard Big Government say,
All the airlines have to play
The way we say
And all passenger information
On all international flights
Has to be reported directly
To Homeland Security…

Security Security Security
International Pornography…

O boy,
Oh no,
Uh oh,
So I ran a comb thru the air
And disappeared into thin hair
Locked in a black jail
By the CIA
And the NSA
With only a pail
And a bed of hay
Where you can’t call Triple A.

We’re worse off
Than in George Orwell’s 1984
Where peace is war
And Security is now our Haven
Where for “Safety Reasons”
We’ve become craven
Slaves driven Insane
By Psychotic Corporations
Living in Freedom
By Purchased Declarations
Spawned in greed
Among bloody, dark Corruptions.

Oh yeah,
O Boy,
Now what the …   FUCK!!!!!!!!!
George W. Bush,
American President by a Bloodless Coup,
Says our “Constitution is just a goddamn piece of paper.”

“The most successful dictatorship is one that presents itself as a democracy and enrolls the majority of the public into that belief.” Yep.

And on top of that I-5 & I-90 from central Seattle to SeaTac to Bellevue will be shut down to 1 lane of traffic each way for 19 days of mass construction beginning tonight…yes, beginning tonight.


I shave my head in shame
And remove my Name.

I stand in line
To pull myself
Out of Time.


“WTF?” ain’t no Government Agency.

It’s the Question all the Talking Heads in the Mainstream Mass Media Need to start asking LIVE on prime time yea peel the duct tape off your mouths cuz its time its time and its long over due this time to say it shout it whisper it slam it down all along the grapevine lines and all across the dinner table to make the microwave oven jump and make folks turn their round WALL-E faces away from screentime mating:


In the news today, THIS really happened, folks!
Ain’t no lie
Ain’t no air left for hair
Ain’t no comb big enough to shove down
Into the deep, deep Big Government Pies
And rake out Big Bankster
Corporate Nits and Lice and Happy Lies
As THEY plug your brains into the nice, warm Matrix
As Orange as Clockwork on Mars
And Green as Soy on Lent,
Only two questions left to ask
All you happy little Bell Jars:

Who’s driving those UFOs?


William Dudley Bass
10 August 2007
Edited and reposted February-March 2012.
Seattle, Washington

NOTE: This was first published on my earlier website, Cultivate and Harvest, on Wednesday 19 November 2008, at, then revised and republished here this 4 March 2012 with my permission as the Author. Thank you.


Copyright © 2007, 2012, 2016 by William Dudley Bass. All Rights Reserved until we Humans establish Wise Stewardship of and for our Earth and Solarian Commons. Thank you.



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2 thoughts on “Crazy Making: A Bad, Bad RapSongPoem with a Nod to the Beatles

    • Princezz, thank you for stopping by all a seekin’ & a peekin’. Thank you especially as you dared to comment. Ain’t no looky loo, no, you ain’t.

      You have no idea the inspirations you have been to me, splinters and all, so I say it here. You & Prezz & Roy & Stacey & many others from our FB grp, and, yes, many others among my FB friends not in our particular group have served in one way or another as counselors, cheerleaders, ass kickers, mentors, editors, provocateurs, raconteurs, mirrors of reflection, cultivators of wisdom, & harvesters of relationships. I am honored to have been invited in to such an intimate community enriched with vulnerability & the art of living.

      You keep on writing. Keep on creating. Make some more messes. Go forth & get into trouble but come out safely. Channel the darkness into the light & weave light back into the depths of dark. You got the gift, your own way to channel & hone & chisel, your own way of moving flesh & stone & hearts & minds & lust & joy & weird & awesome humor into tapestries of words torn to shreds only to reweave themselves into joyous song finally liberated from the grips of grief clenched too long by what others think.

      Aye, Love & Blessings to You wherever you are, Princezz.

      In Solidarity,


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