Cherry Blossoms in Twilight

Images from an evening stroll across The Quad on the University of Washington campus as cherry trees blossomed in the wake of the Spring Equinox, Wednesday 29 March 2017.

Students, staff, & numerous visitors gaze in awe at the profusion of cherry blossoms across The Quad on the UW Campus. The Sun going down with temperatures dropping didn’t stop anyone from walking amidst these giant organisms.

This magnificent burst of life so soon after the end of Winter upon the Spring Equinox heralded for many the rebirth of life and the promise of hope amidst the uncertainty & violence plaguing our planet.

Life arises from Death as a Force of Nature all its own.

The darkness did not stop any of the humans from clustering around and beneath the cherry trees.

Humans love to challenge reality with straight lines and artifacts of impermanence thought to last forever. The cycles of Nature teaches otherwise. Everything has its season, even the Deep Kosmos.

Enjoy these moments present, for who knows what the future brings? Indeed, those old sayings such as, “Tomorrow never comes.” After all, isn’t the future merely illusions composed of what we in present moments project forward from out of the past?

Life and Light, Death and Darkness. Our minds divide and compartmentalize reality, yet everything is part of one greater Whole. Death, Life, Darkness, Light; they all continue as different aspects of Oneness seeking to weave new stories every moment. We make it all up as we follow in the wake of ever-expanding Consciousness as it penetrates the material world of physical matter and energy without mass.

William Dudley Bass
Sunday 31 December 2017
SeaTac/Seattle, WA
Cascadia, Earth


Copyright 2017 © by William Dudley Bass. All Rights Reserved until we humans establish our Earth and Solarian Commons. Thank you.


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