Blundering into Armageddon

Are our leaders mad? Are they deliberately setting the stage for a series of interlocking wars and economic collapses? All to look like accidents? Our leaders’ heartless mistakes of opportunity may indeed wipe out millions, even billions. For what? Are they are prepared to absorb extreme costs as the price to pay for extreme victory? Or are our leaders clueless? Are they just fucking stupid? Reacting with military precision directed with sloppy, nationalistic stupidity to converging crises overwhelming common sense, good judgment, and cooperative intelligence? And what the hell are We the People gonna do? Are we going to just read about it in a tweet the next day after half the world blows up? “Good morning! 1/2 earth blown up…the end looks better n movies & cool, i can still tweet!”

Who’re the stupid ones here? The sheeple werewolves donkey elephants gorging on radioactive faux-Fukushima food rich with scrapie prions and mad cow disease and cloned chimera flesh then tweet, “kool! all my hair gone now…ate grass glows in dark sharp as glass…go see new movies him and it. Twiddle tweets!”

Republicans and Democrats may be lovely people one on one, and they are disgusting in their criminality. Can’t even see what the damage they do and the torment their actions foster upon the rest of us. Our global climate is in chaos and they banter about yesterday’s nonsense or how pop stars twerk their behinds all over Facebook and YouTube.

Although some of them do care, sure, most of them do not care a stretch of chicken guts for the working classes, for the poor, the unemployed, the underemployed, struggling middle class professionals, the elderly, the preschoolers, the disabled, the addicts, the veterans returning home from the wars. Not unless these people are gonna vote Republican or Democrat. One has to vote for the Socialist Alternative, the Green Party, the Socialist Freedom Party, the Libertarian Party, the New Whigs, the Communist Party USA, and the Justice Party, among others, to even make a dint in making a difference.

We holler about crime waves and crazy people with guns and bullied kids shooting up schools, and then we yell about the government coming to take away our guns. We shout about the bank bailouts, we think the regulators finally have the banksters throttled, and oh no, not so. The banks still have the gall to tell us we cannot deposit cash without picture ID or withdraw whatever amount of “our” money we want to.

Rich folks accused the poor of being Nazis and beating up on the rich people. Wait a minute! The rich say the poor are too damn lazy while the rich are rich because they work harder. Tell that to a coal miner, or a sandwich maker on the line. Lazy people can’t be very good Nazis, yes?

The Nazis worked hard to slaughter people, and the banksters of North America and Western Europe helped financed them to do so even more efficiently. Yet today North Korea continues to be a perpetual Nazi Auschwitz in motion, a Forever Cambodia Killing Field in action. The left won’t touch it. After all, one can blame the distortions of the North Koreans on the rest of the world hating them for being so goddamn weird, yes?

Maybe, and maybe not, but so what? The North Koreans are at choice to behave with Juche self-reliance to do whatever the hell they wish to do. Well, the Top Dog there does in his Fiefdom of One-Person Freedom. Nazis. Damn Nazis! How many have noticed the Nazis have dispensed with being called Neo-Nazis now? “No mo’ Neo, got it?” they scream, shout, and salute. “We’re fucking NAZIS now, goddammit! Fear us! Sieg Heil, whatever the Hell that ‘Hail’ means, and, oh yeah, yo mofos, ‘Heil Hitler,’ too! Heil Hitler! Heil Hitler! Heil Hitler!”

Yeah, damn Nazis. They won’t go away.

Right now in 2014 real Nazis, as real as the goons of  march in the streets of Greece, infiltrate the Balkan mafias, and have taken over much of Hungarian politics. They’re rising across Italy, France, Scandinavia, and the UK. They’re arming themselves for apocalyptic civil war in the United States, oozing into Canada and Australia, and are lurking in the shadows of Latin American politics.

In the Ukrainian civil war, the Nazis have hijacked the street demonstrations and kicked all the hippie-dippie peace-and-love pro-EU liberals aside as well as gone into combat against the anti-EU, pro-Russian nationalist conservatives. Remember to keep an eye on Ukraine. The Nazis there are riling everybody as the Russians, the Jews, the EU, the USA, NATO, and the Left all dance every which way with their asses backed into corners so tight they might launch a new World War (shall we call it the 4th or the 5th as the Cold War was the 3rd and the Global Long War on Terror, while worldwide, stayed “too” local?) to save face 100 years after the First Great War broke out … locally.

Meanwhile Americans will battle over each other over vapid, made-in-China-by-hardworking-slave merchandise sold dirt cheap in Walmart by fellow Americans slaving their asses off for a pathetic, embarrassingly small amounts of money.

Shame on you, you business people opposed to raising the minimum wage. If you cannot afford to pay human beings a living wage, then get the hell out of business. Go on out of business and join the other 85% of business owners who fall for the Capitalist song and dance about the bloody hard rewards of pulling up your own britches with a leather bootstrap. I can’t stand it anymore. We’re gonna rise up and storm the bastions of Hell all dressed up pretty as “free market democratic republics” but in reality are bankster fascist dictatorships where people work in a marketplace of phantom prosperity and vote in elections for Brilliant Smiling Feel-Good Idiot # 1 or Solemn Hell-Raising Puppet # 2.

It’s time we wake up and look beyond the curtains to see the system for what it is, the Capitalist System we all play a role in, as the most destructive human force on Earth, so destructive as it is the most seductive and pours gasoline upon the fires of our greed and arrogance and short-sighted envies. It is time we replace it with a Democratic Socialist world with environmentally, socially, and politically responsible and mature systems.

Let’s wake up, people! It’s not the wolves we have to worry about; it’s the ones who can afford to eat baby sheep for dinner. Wake up and get out of bed, or stay there and take the blue pill. As a suppository. So would you please pass me the pot of piping hot coffee over there? Thank you.


William Dudley Bass
Seattle, Washington
2013 & February 2014


Copyright © 2014, 2015, 2016 by William Dudley Bass.

All Rights Reserved until we Humans establish

Wise Stewardship of and for our Earth and Solarian Commons.

Thank you.



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