Blogging the Deborama

“Tuesdays with Deborah” is a circle of bloggers and writers I gather with to listen and to share about and for blogging. Author and editor Deborah Drake facilitates, and she pours her soul into our meetings. She’s passionate and generous for the art of crafting language…and how we can all market it. Deborah recently guided us through our blogger version of November’s National Novel Writing Month.

Good thing I didn’t keep what I originally put down as my title, “Decembering the Deborahma.”

Better yet I’m glad I paid attention to my intuition, something I’ve been known to neglect with interesting consequences. My intuition said, “I betta lookit uppa!”

“Decembering” stems from Olde English per the on-line Urban Dictionary & as December’s the first true month of Winter means, “to give a cold shoulder.” To dismiss, “to blow off,” even, uh, um…“hate.” See for yourself at: Worse, my spellcheck suggested I respell it “dismembering.”  I’ve been playing a bit too cheeky with words, I see.

Lesson: When you think you’ve coined a cool new word, look it up first to make sure it wasn’t already made up millennia ago.

Pulled the “h” out, too. Didn’t want a long, drawn-out “ahhH” in the middle but a quicker sound with a bit more snap. Kinda nutty, yes, and it’s just how I think.

So with my kayak of a keyboard, I plunge into the rapids, brace with my paddle, and boof around the rocks. Jump into the frying pan, stay a while, and cook a bit. Cook up some stories. Even bad poetry!

My primary focus will be on my own website blog, found here at I’m able to do so as a result of my commitment to Deborah’s new December challenge. I’ve learned so much from her and my fellow bloggers. The November Blogarama (Blogorama, too) challenged me to write every day. Our group game didn’t just challenge me, either, it inspired me. My fellow writers inspired me. There was such an astounding variety of writing among my fellow bloggers. Among them were those who wrote with verve and tenacity, those who wrote and laughed at their own creations and shared them anyway, and those afraid to write but did so regardless of what others might think. I just wrote.

From the Novemberama to the Decemberama I’m blogging in the Deborama. It’s exciting to participate in the dynamics between all of us and watch this grow and develop so organically. Sometimes it feels like a Pea Patch thrown together by disparate gardeners, and it all comes out like Thanksgiving, a wonderful and rich Thanksgiving shared in community. We’ve a cornucopia of abundance here. Let’s all share the harvest.

So come check us out in “Tuesdays with Deborah: The collective inspired writings of not so reticent bloggers,” at O what fun!


William Bass
1 December 2011
Seattle, Washington

Copyright © 2011, 2016 by William Dudley Bass. All Rights Reserved until we Humans establish Wise Stewardship of and for our Earth and Solarian Commons. Thank you.


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