American Mussolini: Trump arises from American Exceptionalism


Useless Eaters, Serial Killers, & Tyrants

Does anyone reading this take Donald Trump seriously? Do you take Donald Trump seriously? It’s so easy to dismiss his pompous and bombastic rhetoric, shallow of substance, yet cleverly spun to hook into the emotions of frustrated and enraged people. Trump is a master showman. He’s as shameless and as tricksterish as P.T. Barnum and as bellicose and banal as Mike Tyson. He ripped off and trademarked Ronald Reagan’s slogan, “Let’s make America great again.” His followers don’t care, however, as it reminds them of a nostalgic past when White men thought they ruled the world.

For the rest of us, however, as dismayed as so many of us are with the Clinton Democrats as well as the fractious Republicans, Archcapitalist Trump and the Alt-Right presents us with an opportunity. It’s beyond time to rebuild the Left. We must find new ways to build a united front between labor and environmentalists, between indigenous tribal activists and social justice advocates, between scientists and the spiritual, between military veterans and peace advocates, for Black Lives Matter and predominantly White revolutionary Socialist groups. It’s an opportunity to build new mass movements of the Left for a major new political party to challenge the Dem-Rep Duopoly. This is an opportunity to raise working class consciousness and help organize working and middle class people for a new mass working class party of the 99% to spearhead the transition from Finance Capitalism to Democratic Socialism and away from Fascism.

Let us remember a famous book, well written yet choked with racist rants and fantastical declarations. Adolf Hitler wrote out exactly in Mein Kampf what motivated him and what he intended to do. Few took him seriously, and he was dismissed as a buffoon. Hitler went on to win democratic elections in the German Weimar Republic. He consolidated and expanded his power including leveraging false flag events such as the burning of the Reichstag. Having conquered Germany, he then moved forward in his attempt to conquer the world.

Trump is no Hitler. Not even close. Adolf Hitler was an anomaly, and Nazism is extreme tyranny. Trump much more resembles Fascist bully Benito Mussolini with their mutual love of show and pomp. Mussolini lusted for power, glory, and fame. He appreciated drama for its entertainment value as well as for its psycho-propaganda usefulness. So, too, does Trump. One who seeks power, glory, and fame can never have enough of them. As Hitler did, however, Trump wrote a modestly bestselling book in which he combined his belief systems and world view with personal memoir. The Art of the Deal, written with lots of help from Tony Schwartz, came out in 1987.

While his advice is focused on capitalist business and not politics, the book encapsulates Trump’s world view and how he approaches everything. Life is for action, and successful action is all about leveraging assets and liabilities to secure the best deal. Those with the best deals win the contest. Making winning deals and managing the results gave Trump his singular life purpose and he applies it to all areas of a life for action. Such an approach naturally fed into an addiction for more power, glory, and fame.

Mussolini, however, followed a clear ideology as a Fascist Party dictator, Il Duce, The Leader. Portraying himself as a fearless strongman and demagogue, Mussolini leveraged both the capitalist petty bourgeoisie and disaffected workers to establish a Far-Right wing Empire. Trump, by comparison, doesn’t adhere to any one ideology. He seems to view ideologies as tools in toolbox to pull any one out from as he saw fit to accomplish whatever he wanted to achieve. If anything was ideological, it was Trump’s belief making deals, especially business deals, gets stuff done. Thus deal making is both show and pomp as well as melodramatic artistry. Hence, The Art of the Deal.

The Donald is a uniquely American phenomenon. He represents the dark side of American Exceptionalism. He is the epitome of Ayn Rand’s Romantic Fascist supermen. Ayn Rand herself disdained the masses as “human parasites” and considered William Edward Hickman, a serial killer who dismembered girls and called himself The Fox, her hero.

Both Rand and Hickman are twisted products of American Exceptionalism, the kind the politicians and cheerleaders of empire refuse to even acknowledge. American Exceptionalism is the watered down U.S. version of White racism and European colonial imperialism with the latter’s emphasis upon the White Man’s burden, Protestant Christianity with its Calvinist work ethic, and fantasies of Manifest Destiny as some kind of Divine Right of Empire. It’s a belief America is inherently superior to all other nation-states, was and is chosen by God as the Chosen People for the New World.

Arising out of American Exceptionalist belief systems, Rand is the Immigrant, which is ironic as The Donald and his bellicose herd are militant anti-immigrants. Rand was born into a Russian Jewish family in Leningrad (now St. Petersburg) and during her early 20s immigrated to America. The Fox was as American as the Bush and Clintons. Hickman was born in Arkansas, grew up between Texas and Missouri, and spent the rest of his short life in California.

Both The Immigrant and The Fox were Exceptional Americans. From “the Dark Side,” yes, but as such they are not anomalies but as perversely normal as apple pie and guns. As such they fed the mad, crazy ugliness that captivates, hypnotizes, antagonizes, numbs, dumbs down, and distracts the mainstream public from any clear sense of unity and purpose. The lack of such vital clarity plays a significant factor in the low mass consciousness of the American working class.

Ayn Rand praises her psychopathic, slaughterhouse pedophile with language devoid of all empathy, of all sympathy, other than cold abstract admiration for her Satanic, rightwing godman:

“Other people do not exist for him, and he does not see why they should…(Hickman had) no regard whatsoever for all that society holds sacred, and with a consciousness all his own. He has the true, innate psychology of a Superman. He can never realize and feel ‘other people.’”

See: <>

Donald Trump is himself an admirer of Ayn Rand and her romantic fascism of the capitalist superman, altho he doesn’t use those terms.

Building upon this, it is noteworthy many of Donald Trump’s most vociferous followers rail against much of those they hate as “useless eaters.” Several quick searches of the Internet do not reveal any occasion upon which The Donald uses the term “useless eaters.” But many of his followers use it. Large numbers of them identify as archconservatives, traditional conservatives, and even with Far Right wing groups including White supremacists.

After the gun massacre of Black Christians praying in a Charleston, South Carolina church, Trump supported people flying the Confederate Battle Flag from any place public and private, claiming it didn’t have much to do with Black people. “Only an idiot opposes the Confederate Flag,” Trump tweeted. (See: <>.)

Nikki Haley, however, the Indian-American and Republican Governor of South Carolina, pushed to remove the flag from the statehouse grounds and into a museum. Trump jumped aboard the bandwagon to, yes, take down the Confederate flag, “respect whatever it is you have to respect,” and put it in a museum. (See: < and>.)

People noted his waffling, but Trump treated it all as yet more grandiose drama to fill the empty minds of pissed off White folks. Soon enough his followers forgot all about this as they were inundated with more romantic fascist empty calories to hate with. Trump arouses his goon squads with his straight talk as hollow and as dangerous as hollow-point Dum Dum bullets. Build not a fence but a Berlin Wall along the border with Mexico, although not against Canada’s. Round up to deport millions and millions of people across the United States, most of whom aren’t the Northern European shade of white or aren’t Protestant. Such actions will trigger resistance and open warfare in the streets. More drama for the right and the mainstream news media, right?


Many Americans seem uneducated about global politics and economics and uninformed about their own history beyond their mainstream heroic mythology. Many seem not to know or even care that in advanced societies those among the masses who are educated and knowledgeable about history, politics, and economics tend to move left toward socialism, communism, internationalism, religious and spiritual plurality, atheism, scientific humanism, communalism, cooperatives, social engineering, and anarchism. Those who aren’t tend to turn right towards law & order, fascism, nationalism, racism, religious fundamentalism, libertarianism, sexism, egoistic individualism, and, interestingly enough, also anarchism.

It seems there are far more among the far right than there are among the far left at times because too many among the masses are too exhausted, too busy, too disempowered, and too divided to prioritize educating themselves about what’s going on and for what’s possible. Guess which ones tend to gather around Trump? Those who call their fellow working class citizens “useless eaters” and take their rage out against those Black, Mexican, Muslim, Hindu, liberals, women, gays, transgendered, the unemployed, the underemployed, those on government programs and thus “entitled,” the disabled, the poor, Jews, et cetera.

Where does this ugly sounding English term “useless eaters” come from? It originated with the Nazis who developed the Eugenics programs of the Third Reich. Nutios Esser is German for useless eaters and was the Nazi term for the disabled including those deemed “mentally retarded” and “crippled.” Untermenschen, German for subhumans, is another term used by the Nazis to include gays, lesbians, Roma/Gypsies, Jews, and Slavs along with the disabled.

Dr. Henry Kissinger, however, is often hallmarked as the originator of the term. He didn’t. Although I am no fan of Henry Kissinger as I consider him an arch-imperialist to be arrested and tried for war crimes, I must emphasize Dr. Kissinger did NOT use nor originate the term “useless eaters.” Kissinger may be a monstrous genius in his own right, but he didn’t say it in The Final Days, Carl Bernstein and Bob Woodward’s book about the fall of President Richard M. Nixon. (See: <> and <>.) Many among the Haters on the Far Right dislike Kissinger as much as the Left, but spread inaccuracies based on the man’s involvement with a number of transnational organizations associated with shadow governments and global tyranny.

The Donald, however, is in a long, intermittent line of Americans who battle their way into corridors of power to satiate their hunger for command and control. He’s in with other exceptionally destructive American politicians. They include Aaron Burr (1756 – 1836), Democratic-Republican Senator from New York and third Vice-President of the U.S.A. who tricked and shot the arch-bankster Alexander Hamilton dead in an illegal duel and then attempted to establish his own empire in North America; Boss Tweed (1823 – 1878) the corrupt Democrat who set himself up as a de facto warlord of a fiefdom of New York City wards and stole millions from many; and Joseph McCarthy (1908 – 1957), the sinister Republican Senator from Wisconsin who led a wave of national anti-communist witchhunts and mass hysteria during the Cold War.

Donald Trump’s outrageous and hateful comments towards women, Mexicans, and Muslims play into the pro-Confederate Lost Cause mindset. Many Americans don’t remember or never learned their Civil War continued long after the Confederate surrenders of 1865. The Southern Rebellion morphed into a shadowy guerrilla war of terror and political subversion against African-Americans, Federal military occupation, and Reconstruction. The primary terrorist group was the Ku Klux Klan, founded by former Confederate officers. Ironically the KKK rose to its greatest extent across the American Midwest in the 1920s.

Also in the aftermath of 1865, there were genocidal wars by the White, adult male regime dominating the States against the remaining Native American tribes, the polygamous Mormons with the Mormon War and the Federal regulation of marriage, race riots by Whites against African and Chinese Americans, and labor insurrections. In addition, many thousands of White Americans engaged in savage lynchings of their fellow citizens. Thousands of African Americans as well as many hundreds of Mexicans and Mexican-Americans plus hundreds of Chinese and Native Americans were lynched. Whites suspected of being sympathetic to or protective of other ethnicities were lynched. Many Italian-Americans were lynched, too.

Within the United States of America peace was and remains a lie to this day. The Capitalist class and their petty bourgeoisie wannabes profited from the industrialization, genocide, and conquer-and-divide the working class strategies. Their Holy Bible was Adam Smith’s The Wealth of Nations, a Capitalist tome written at the height of the Atlantic Slave Trade, expanding White imperialism, and the bourgeoisie beginnings of the American Revolution. Trump’s mythic America of the Glorious Yesteryear was indeed GREAT!, and it was a great, bloody horrorshow of an Empire except for the White male tyrants who refused to see the reality of their consequences as they chose to instead focus on the capital generated.

So many people do not want to have their world view disrupted under the light of truth, which is understandable, so they lash out and blame not those who caused the damage in the first place but those courageous enough to point out what really happened like it not. One does not sweep the genocide of Native American Indians and the enslavement of Africans and the industrialization of the working classes down under the floorboards because there would not be all these territories to move into and colonize, resources to take and exploit, and slaves to work without pay, and labor to harness as engines of mass production. The real estate, resources, bodies, and labor once belonged to other human beings and were taken by force and guile.

People need to wake up to what Donald Trump and indeed many upon the American Far Right represent. His is the noisiest and nastiest of the proto-fascist, anti-labor, anti-environmentalist, anti-international, little-r racists, but the others represent the same destructive policies embraced by both the neocons and the neolibs.

Trump can only go so far if elected. He is a rogue candidate and a loose cannon. If he rides a populist anti-establishment tsunami against the banksters and the corporatocracy, the global financial and power elites will smack him down. Hitler turned on the banksters that financed him, and he lost. Same thing with the early Soviets who took on the Monarchists and Capitalists of the world before being smashed down, contained from outside, and corrupted from inside. The global elites have far more power to leverage than any one person. Trump invokes the Great Man myths of history, which plays upon the Ayn Rand objectivist supermen and the Nazi Aryan elite, yet fails to recognize what Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels observed as the primacy of material economics over everything else in all aspects of everyday human relationships.

There is, however, another possibility. Trump is an agent of the global financial and power elites, those plutocrats far richer than he. He’s out to sow discord, drive wedges into cracks, and to pour gasoline upon the hot coals of divide and conquer. The Donald’s doing exactly what they want him to do, and he’s having a hell of a good time doing it, too. He is a master of class war and skewers traditional alignments of power. Who else has the bluster to go up against the calm, steely focus of both Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping as they challenge those who control the Western imperium?

American Exceptionalism is a Postmodern mutation of American Manifest Destiny. Those who embrace this uneven and misinformed point of view refuse to acknowledge and recognize anything that subtracts from the grand foundation myths of America and see only noble successes removed from any context of what actually occurred. People then follow the herd that thunders behind whatever demagogue plies them with his pipes. Thus we have an ugly twist on the Pied Piper of Hamelin, except in 21st Century America we have a Pied Piper leading the sheeple into civil war, collapse, and dictatorship.

Author-Activist Naomi Wolf published her thin, bestselling indictment of the destruction of the American constitutional democratic republic (as the Far Left likes to ignore what kind of democracy the United States was established as, or, actually, wasn’t, the Far Right likes to ignore what kind of republic the United States is or strives to become) towards the end of the Summer of 2007. Wolf’s book was titled, The End of America: Letter of Warning to a Young Patriot. She identifies ten steps common to all movements seeking to establish dictatorships and authoritarian regimes whether right or left, religious or secular, or even of the boring middle. She points out extreme tyrannies such as Hitler’s Third Reich are rare examples. Most authoritarian regimes develop slowly and insidiously, gradually drawing in more and more people until it’s often too late. Her research identifies the following ten steps, and points out they take time.

  1. Invoke a terrifying internal and external enemy
  2. Create a gulag
  3. Develop a thug caste
  4. Set up an internal surveillance system
  5. Harass citizens’ groups
  6. Engage in arbitrary detention and release
  7. Target key individuals
  8. Control the press
  9. Dissent equals treason and criticism equals espionage
  10. Suspend the rule of law

We see these steps unfolding under U.S. Presidents from Lyndon Johnson to Richard Nixon, back to FDR in the Second World War, to Hoover in the Great Depression, to Woodrow Wilson to the Bankers Coup of 1913 followed by the First World War. One may plow even further back in time to Abraham Lincoln and even George Washington. These steps have been increasing since Ronald Reagan’s presidency, slowly for decades, picked up speed under both Bush I and Clinton, and then accelerated under Bush II and Obama. We see the development of a thug caste in the coming together of the Ku Klux Klan, Neo-Nazis, Christian Dominionism, American Identitarianism, proto-Fascists, Nativists, and other White Supremacists and radical Fundamentalist Christians. Although far from being united, these racist bigots are what one would typically label as the Far Right, the Ultra Right, or the Far-Far Right.

During the Trump insurgency, however, the term Alt-Right came into vogue. Shorthand for “the Alternative Right,” a White Supremacist named Richard Bertrand Spencer coined it back in 2008. It became a galvanizing term, and much of the Far-Far Right embraced it with zeal and vigor. Trump manipulated them into rowdy mob violence that in turn encouraged individual racists and small groups to attack anyone viewed as the Enemy: Mexicans, Asians, Blacks, immigrants, Hispanics, Chinese, LGBTQIA+, Liberals, women, Socialists, Communists, Greens, Democrats, Muslims, Jews, Hindus, Sikhs, “terrorists,” and organizations from Black Lives Matter to the ACLU, SPLC, the Green Party, Socialist Alternative, NAACP, and so on. The Alternative Right is itself another manifestation of the dark side of American Exceptionalism.

One can study more about the origins of the Alt-Right on the Southern Poverty Law Center’s website here at: <>.

It doesn’t matter which major party dominates as the Big Banks and the Corporations dominate American politics and governments. The Democrats and the Republicans have long been identified as two heads of the same corporatist snake. The two-party system splits along emotional, pushbutton social issues, and still coils around the nation as the Duopoly of the Two-Headed Snake. Voting in elections become an illusion, especially with the farce of the Electoral College.

The EC was designed to prevent the working masses feared as “mob rule” and ridiculed as “ignorant” by the ruling classes from exercising participatory democracy within the republic. The Electors were to deliberate to choose the best. Instead they tend to automatically rubberstamp the choices of the mainstream dominant parties of the states disguised as so-called popular votes, or if they rebel are denigrated as “rogues” and threatened with dismissal or litigation.

The United States is divided and polarized in a ugly, shrill way not seen since the 1850s-1860s-1870s with the possible exception of the more fragmented 1950s-1960s-1970s. The latter “time of troubles” proved too fragmented and not polarized enough for the almost-revolution/no-quite-civil war to ignite. Today many feel we’re near the edge of a messy revolution and possibly a multi-sided civil war. We are certainly the most polarized as a nation since the first Civil War. A major civil war today would be a global catastrophe as it would likely spill over into other countries and trigger international intervention to secure American arsenals of WMDs, not to mention the consequences of destroying nuclear power plants, petroleum refineries, chemical plants, and biolabs stocked with lethal biological agents. Donald Trump plays into this grand drama with both Shakespearean and Machiavellian skill. Trump comes across as a theatrical twitter buffoon who tactically loses self-control. His power resides in his capacity for illusion, his gifts for delusion, and his chaotic unpredictability. Benito Mussolini, himself a murderous bully, was far more focused and disciplined than Trump ever was. Nevertheless, Trump must be taken seriously, and his followers are more serious than he is.

In closing, as the American Election of 2016 proves increasingly pivotal, watch this incredible clip from Charlie Chaplin’s moving and magnificent 1940 film, The Great Dictator. See it here on YouTube at: <>.


UPDATE for Tuesday 17 January 2017:

Insurgent Republican Donald Trump won the Electoral College vote on Election Day Tuesday 8 November 2016. The Electoral College vote was 304 for Trump and 227 for Clinton with 270 required for victory. Clinton won the popular vote by not quite 3 million votes as she took 48.04% of the vote to Trumps 45.95 % of the popular count. Jill Stein of the Green Party took 1.06% of the popular vote while Gary Johnson of the Libertarians came in higher with 3.28%. There were a number of other independent candidates, too.

As the 538 Electors of the Electoral College prepared to officially vote for the President and Vice-President on 19 December 2016, there were multiple attempts to encourage the Electors to vote their conscience or at least deliberate and reflect upon the candidates as the Founders supposedly intended. Rumors of coups and countercoups flew and outbreaks of violence continued to increase. Few of the Electors did so, however, even as Clinton pulled ahead of Trump in the popular vote. They selected Trump and Pence, and their election was certified and registered in the Congress on 6 January 2017. They are expected to be sworn into office on Friday the 20th of January 2017.

There was widespread muttering Bernie Sanders would have defeated Donald Trump and united most of the working classes if only the Democrats had not overthrown him in an internal bloodless coup to install Hillary Clinton. If only. If only the DNC had chosen Bernie. Or maybe Elizabeth Warren. Or Sanders-Warren together! If only Bernie hadn’t discredited himself among his followers by endorsing the widely-unpopular Hillary. If only Jill Stein had her act together or had a less hostile VP candidate, but no the Greens were too decentralized and thus disorganized. If only Gary Johnson wasn’t a bumbling fubble-wuggle about current affairs and had rallied the Libertarians with the zeal of Ron Paul and the Paulistas of old. If only Bernie had run with the Greens or had instead chosen to run as a true Independent to help build a new mass party of the Left. If only.

Bernie Sanders would most likely have soundly defeated Donolf Trumpler and Pike Wince in the popular vote, and most likely would have still lost the Electoral College vote due to just how screwed up the democratic capitalist republic known as the United States of America is. If only Bernie had called for an economic revolution and a social revolution in addition to his calls for a “political revolution.” To paraphrase the late Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr., there can’t be any true political democracy without economic democracy. What’s the point of having civil rights and liberties when one must set them aside the moment one goes to work for the Boss, whether the boss be the corporation, the banks, the farms, the factories, the clients and vendors, and even the state. Economic democracy is socialism, the expansion of democracy into the workplaces and marketplaces of the realms of business and finance. But Bernie would have been a major step forward for democratic socialism. Let’s learn our lessons and move forward united to overthrow this degenerated, decaying system before it destroys us all.

Tensions continue to increase as Americans further polarize between Right and Left. Huge and peaceful marches on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day came and went on Monday 16 January 2017 with little violence, to most people’s relief. Massive protests across the USA and in other countries are planned for Friday and Saturday as the Resistance to Trump-Pence and the Alt-Right grows in intensity.

Meanwhile, Donald Trump and Mike Pence surround themselves with Ayn Rand “acolytes,” praise her in public, and picked a number of Ayn Randists for a number of important positions from the Cabinet on down. The blood drenched shadows of Ayn Rand the Immigrant and her murderous pedophile William Edward Hickman, the Fox who enjoyed dismembering girls, loom over the new President-elect and his Cabinet picks. We must work together to remove this mad usurper and his Alt-Right goons from power. Together we must create new ways to build a new mass party, a Leftist party, of working class people. The fate of Earth is ours to take hold of with bare hands before it’s too late.


William Dudley Bass
Thursday 17 September 2016
Revised Tuesday 17 January 2017
Seattle, Washington
Planet Earth

*Note on Image at top of page: This was a found foto in an Australian publication with the Associated Press (AP) that I cropped, turned into black & white, and faded. Then I saw another AP post where Ross D. Franklin photographed the original image, much larger than the version I found and cropped. Thank you.

Copyright 2015, 2016 © by William Dudley Bass. All Rights Reserved until we Humans establish Wise Stewardship of and for our Earth and Solarian Commons. Thank you.

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