All is One

All iOne 


 One of Many





Seven Practices, for now.

* We are One.

* Accept everything.

* Know our minds create all beliefs.

* Forgive everyone.

* Love everyone.

* Respect all things.

* Serve life.


  • We are One. Every thing in existence in all dimensions and across all times that used to exist, continues to exists, and does exist is all One. Not part of the One. Neither fused nor integrated, but simply, One. We are all One. We are many, and many are One. There is only one One. There is only One. We are One. All One. One.
  • Accept everything. Accept all that is. Accept what is so regardless of one’s feelings about or for whatever one may choose to accept. Accept things, people, and circumstances, as they are as they are whether or not one likes or dislikes any of them. Acceptance is a choice. Acceptance helps liberates one’s self from endless cycles of struggle whenever suffering arises in the mindbody.
  • Mind creates belief. Our minds create all beliefs. Our minds create our beliefs. Recognize beliefs for what they are, creations of mind, and thus are true only to the extent the belief itself exists. We have beliefs, and we are not our beliefs. We have minds and bodies, identities and names, and we are not any of those things.
  • Forgive everyone. Forgive one’s self. Forgive others.
  • Love everyone. Love one’s self. Love others. Stand in Love. Stand for Love.
  • Respect all things. Respect one’s self. Respect others.
  • The existence of any and every belief is distinct from whether or not the claims of the belief exist beyond declaration. All beliefs arise from the mindbody. They carry and transmit social and cultural, religious and scientific, political and economic, military and financial memes. Beliefs are merely beliefs and as such are themselves neither true nor false or right or wrong. This is so regardless of how much one may cherish or abhor them. Beliefs are merely beliefs regardless how much one believes in them. Wanting to believe a belief does not make any belief true or false.
  • One must first take care of one’s self before one may fully serve another. Exceptions are urgencies and emergencies. Nor is taking care of one’s self an excuse to indulge one’s self to the point of negligence, self-harm, and harm to others. Harming one’s self damages the other, as all is One. Thus one takes care of one’s self to live a full and joyful life regardless of circumstances, and so one may better serve others. In addition, to serve one’s self is to elevate and raise up one’s self not damage one’s being. One cannot serve one’s self to the exclusion of serving others. One must allow one’s self to be served as well. Choices allow for such intentions. Doing anything in isolation denies service to everyone. Isolation increases fragmentation of one’s sense of being many of one and all is one.
  • There is no such thing as a self other than as the creation of cognitive, abstract mind arising from body. Self is not the free flow of consciousness but functions rather as an energy cyst within the interpenetration of consciousness and matter similar to a cyst formed within soft tissue amid the integration of fascia, muscles, nerves, blood vessels, bones, organs, lymphatic and interstitial fluids, hormones, and other tissues, cells, and secretions. Such cysts in the body may result from injury or arise from parasites. As such ego and other abstractions of mind if undisciplined and nonconscious are to the mind as parasitic cysts and scar tissue adhesions are to flesh. To become mindful is a struggle until any one awakened realizes sensations of struggle and suffering are themselves creations of nonconscious minds filled with abstractions and perceptions of suffering.
  • Consciousness is distinct from mind. The mindful is one whose mind is full of consciousness and thus is self-aware. The mindless is one whose mind is more ego and less consciousness, or one whose mind is empty and void of consciousness, or is less than self-aware.



  • All is Practice.
  • Practice to Practice.
  • With practice, one develops. As one develops, one evolves. As one evolves, one transforms. As one transforms, one expands and deepens to be of greater service unto others.
  • Failure and forgetfulness shall occur with practice. Such compels disruption. Conscious transformation rather than reactive change allows for one to generate and manifest new creations. Do not fear failure and forgetfulness. Embrace each of them.
  • Receive not to learn how to receive or give. Receive so you may give. Give so you may receive. Give to give. Receive to receive. All is connected. Be present to all connection.
  • Love is paramount. Without love there is nothing but separation and fragmentation. Love becomes everything. Love becomes One.
  • Learn all life is precious and to accept all things. As such one has the power to choose with whom and with what to associate with or to disassociate from engagement with. Remain present and act with awareness and intention. Remember, one may choose with whom to associate with in life as well as how to associate with them. Knowing and celebrating we are all One frees one to be fully self-expressed with whom and with what on their own recognition.
  • We also may choose with whom not to associate with as well as how to separate ourselves from those we feel compelled to protect ourselves from. Know when one chooses such a path one essentially separates one’s self from certain aspect of one’s self. By all means one may protect one’s self and others from those who cause unwarranted death and mayhem. Know, however, whenever one strikes down another in self-defense, at a deeper level this sense of division and separation is an attack upon one’s negative attributes. May these endeavors serve in positive ways to remind us we must find constructive and loving ways to rise above these self-perpetuating cycles of violence and justification for violence. After all, All is One. We are One with those who see themselves as other than oneness or otherwise unable to feel Oneness, and thus when we kill the biological mindbodies of another we kill an aspect of ourselves. Let these events inspire us to move beyond such omnicide to heal the divisions and sufferings within our own hearts, minds, and bodies.
  • Appreciate all of one’s emotions, thoughts, and feelings. Feelings are the merging of thoughts with emotions. Do not indulge in any of these things to the point of getting lost in one’s feelings, thoughts, and emotions, or allow them to control your mindbodyheart. Be present to them. Be present to all of them. See them as gifts to share in service to others.
  • Love is energy beyond the rise and fall and the ebb and flow and the comings and goings of emotions, thoughts, and feelings. To express love, to receive love, to give love, to stand in love for love, and to even be love requires choice. One must choose. One chooses love. Deep love is far deeper than the feeling of being in love. Such feelings are as bubbles rising from the mud at the bottom of a pond only to burst upon the surface in the sun. One chooses to love even when one does not feel the feelings of love. As such love becomes the most powerful force in the Kosmos.
  • Deep happiness is the same choice. Many seek happiness outside themselves in external circumstances. Too often such external stimuli becomes a distraction from being with and addressing one’s internal suffering. The answer to deep happiness beyond the joys of sensual pleasure is to choose to feel happy no matter how terrible one’s circumstances and situations may be. When times are hard, one may choose deep happiness. When times feel wonderful and fun, one may also choose deep happiness. One always chooses even if asleep. As long as one is cognitive, awake, self-aware, and conscious, one may choose with intention and wisdom and the willingness to learn from one’s mistakes.
  • Learn to express one’s courage. Be firm and as strong as a mountain and as flexible as the ocean. When one learns one’s consciousness is part of the same consciousness as is every mountain, every ocean, every planet, every star, every galaxy, and every tree, one learns to feel the sea and to become not as the mountain but the mountain. Kosmos is matter everywhere creation unfolds into being.
  • Communicate. Listen to and speak with others. Celebrate diversity of languages and the ways we communicate between ourselves with our mindbodies.
  • Gratitude is a practice to demonstrate what one is grateful for and to whom, not as an automatic ritual where expressions of one’s thanks are lost in one’s speaking and the other’s listening.
  • Stillness is not the End but the opportunity to Begin.
  • Lessons await those among us who strive, who struggle, and who suffer. Once one has suffered and once one has struggled, there is no need to repeat such cycles of misery and blame. Once we learn to accept our circumstances rather than to fight or embrace them is the moment we can choose to change and transform our selves and our situation. One can practice the focus of one’s emotional power in a directed manner to effect change. Magick is the disciplined focus of the creative imagination projected outward to bend spacetime with willpower as one bends willow fronds into wicker.
  • There are no chances in life as chances arise from nonconscious mind to generate limitations and expectations. These are only moments with new possibilities.
  • Will is the disciplined power of a conscious mind, a mindful mind. A mindful mind is a mind filled with consciousness as radios, radar, televisions, and smartfones receive and transmit electromagnetic waves. The physical limitations of the body, such as injuries and disease or of what species of life is a particular organism’s body determine the expression of consciousness from the world of the spiritual or of consciousness into the material world. Presence allows for will, and will allows for choices, and awareness allows for creativity and connection. Thus love flows as a power more fundamental than the so-called fundamental forces of physical Nature. Presence over will, and love under will, for love is power and as such love drives consciousness.
  • Remember, Love is paramount. Without love there is nothing but separation and fragmentation. Love becomes everything. Love becomes One.
  • Be Love. And, be loved.


Author’s Commentary:

My bodymind wrote this book. This book is inspired rather than channeled, although at times I feel as if it is channeled when I open to and surrender to Source. As I associate channeling with someone being semi-unconscious and at the mercy of whatever entity invited in, or at worse a fraudulent charlatan, I felt wide awake and fully engaged. Perhaps a better term is this information felt downloaded thru my conscious mind. As such I wrote this book as an expression and reflection of Oneness. I felt compelled by invitation to craft this book. Rather than as a command or demand, however, I felt invited to a form of partnership. Thus this is not merely my work. I am merely one of many of One. My bodymind, which is not my self but a temporary part of me, was welcomed by unseen yet fully felt conscious entities to aid in this creation. For now I refer to these entities as individual spiritual expressions of universal Consciousness. As such my bodymind was inspired and awakened thru the experience of many spiritual perturbations and awakenings.

My education, experiences, viewings, readings, and conversations with others helped to solidify these spiritual currents into the symbolism of language. Furthermore, none of these teachings are truly new. Here they are again apart from science and religion, or rather, free from dogma and free for anyone to choose.

The invitation of this work is not to a religion nor part of any religion. It does not deny or accept any religion. This is a spiritual book arising from direct spiritual experiences. We do not need any more religion. We do need more freedom from religion. Religion keeps us divided and at war with one another in the name of harmony and unity. Religion developed as a role model leveraged to corrupt science, academia, and political ideology to enslave our minds. Religion often distorts individual liberties and social responsibilities to bend, squeeze, and crush human spirits and aspirations in the name of good.

The hierarchal power structure of priesthoods trick the clergy as well as everyone else into giving our consent to be so ruled, exploited, and manipulated. We thus enslave ourselves. We choose slavery from ignorance and by giving away our power to those who abuse it as force. We consent to abuse others and ourselves without any awareness. We become nonconscious and denser. We sink into the lower, slower vibrations of the grasping, hungry, yawning, greedy void.

Instead we may choose to cultivate and develop greater spiritual depth and understanding of consciousness. We must learn to harness the creative power of our conscious minds. We must learn to follow and practice certain practices and teachings mean nothing except more religion and politics if we are not present to these teachings and mindful of these practices. Then these practices and teachings turn into unconscious beliefs anchored in ego and mindless intelligence without heart. They are turned by believers into beliefs and made into religions with rules and rituals to bind some groups of people together against other groups of people. Division and resistance arise. Intimidation, war, torture, and mayhem develop as consequences.

Spirituality is distinct from religion. Spiritual and mystical experiences as words are terms we use in contemporary language to express Consciousness beyond, outside, and within the physical realms of matter, spacetime, and energy. Spiritual expressions, mystical experiences, self-aware consciousness, and the sense of heartfelt ethics that spring from such things are distinct from and are not religion. Religion includes doctrines, dogmas, morals, rituals, cultural baggage, power struggles, economic exploitation, financial manipulation, political gain, holy wars, sacred versus profane, blame and shame, and lies and falsehoods and distortions presented as truth and history.

Spirituality thrives in discipline as a choice, freedom as a responsibility, and full surrender to the moment. Language is the ocean humans move within as fish swim in water. Language, words, letters, characters, and numbers are all symbols of consciousness expressed thru the channels of the biological mindbodyheart. Symbols aid the mind in the transmission of energy. As such people often say words have power or the pen is mightier than the sword. No. Rather mind has power. Mind over matter. Mind creates matter. Mind in matter.

Religion is the control, regulation, collectivization, and regimentation of individual and shared group spiritual and mystic experiences. Such experiences threaten hierarchal systems of political, economic, military, and social control based in hurt, fear, hate, rage, prejudice, separation from the Other, and isolation from others.

Spirituality is our individual and shared expressions of authentic connections with all and anything we experience and know as Divine. This includes consciousness, as we currently understand consciousness as present intelligence permeates the Kosmos and exists separate from and within all matter and energy.

Many influences are at work here as this book is crafted. Some of these influences arise from experiences and knowledge in health care and outdoor adventure. Others arise from personal and professional growth, training, and development.

Direct, personal influences were and are as diverse as the distinctions of the Landmark Education Forum to the practices and teachings of the Buddha via the Dhammapada and the Christ via the Gospels to the Asma al-Husna: 99 Beautiful Names of Allah from the Qur’an of the Prophet to my UFO encounters and Shamanic experiences to the Sufi poets of Rumi and Hafiz to the psychedelic works of Terrence McKenna and the calls to be here now and serve from Ram Dass to the impassioned Invitation of Oriah Mountain Dreamer to the calm directions given by Matt Khan for radical acceptance to love whatever arises.

Those events and teachings had and continue to have direct affects upon these matters. This Sunday the 8th of November is also the birthday of Kristina Katayama, a woman I once shared lives with and married. One morning she realized the necessity, the love, and the liberation in service as service to life the moment she awoke crying and laughing to declare, “I serve life!” I didn’t understand her insight then and was foolish enough to dismiss it as another one of her “miracle things.” Today this Sunday I got it and finally understood. Almost burst into tears myself. Ahh, to serve not merely others or the world or one’s self but life itself, all life, and by extension, both birth and death and life beyond death. I felt awe.

This day is also congruent for two other reasons: two of my best friends, both whom experienced great suffering in their pasts and learned to move forward in grace, power, and with love, also contacted me. Our friendships formed in the crucible of Dr. Robert Augustus Master’s Psycho-Spiritual Counseling Practicum we moved through in southern British Columbia almost a decade ago. Wayne and Kurt are quoted exactly as they wrote without alteration in the following paragraphs. I received their permission to quote them.

Wayne Carter texted me this 8th of November 2015 to share:

“2 years ago at 7:45pm I was in the car accident that has changed my life. What a journey my life has become. Thank You for all your support.”

He suffered massive brain trauma and emerged after extensive medical care and rehabilitation more awake and enlightened than ever.

Kurt Treftz was in a different field around the same source. On the same day as Kristina’s birthday and Wayne’s communication, I received an email from him inviting me to watch a video he made recently of himself reading from the insights of Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj. Kurt wrote me the following:

“William…it’s been a long time. I am just beginning to create and publish videos on YouTube…under the pen name Byron of Cascadia.  

“My first is a reading of Ch. 1 of the book, I Am That, teachings of Nisargadatta. I hope you enjoy it and I ask that you might “like” it, add it to your “favorites” (assuming you have a YouTube login), and even share it with others.  

“I intend to create more from the book as well as some subjects of my own.

“Thanks. Kurt “Byron” Treftz”

The link to his beautiful video reading in the North Cascades as the river flows and morphs into a path opening thru the forests to the shores of a wilderness lake is here:

Kristina didn’t contact me with her insight on her birthday, but rather this Sunday being her birthday allowed me to reminisce. In a flash of recognition I remembered her own insights to serve life as an expression of her deep life purpose. Finally I understood what she so deeply recognized to declare as her mission.

Wayne’s text reminded me of his own struggles to recover his health, his mind, and even his soul. He developed depression and struggled with holding off this psychic cancer with its pathological urges to take his life justified so as to escape the intensity of the pain cradling his mindbodyheartspirit. Wayne endured and transcended a litany of personal challenges during these two years. He emerged stronger and healthier and more tuned-in to life and the Kosmos than ever before.

Kurt was as a constellation in the night skies, a celestial tapestry of deeply shared feelings and insights anchored in rocks and water and dirt and trees and flowers. As he read from Nisargadatta’s work, among the many realizations he shared, one may recognize “I am that” and also recognize “one is not that.” At the same time one who knows what is what may understand all ways manifest from the recognition of Oneness as Oneness evolves from the individuation of the many into each seeing their unique self as expressions of their universal Oneness.

Immediate triggers for crafting this body of work were the whistleblower testimonies of Corey Goode regarding UFOs, consciousness, terrestrial and nonterrestrial entities, the Secret Space Program, Artificial Intelligence, the Cabal and other Secret Society Syndicates, and related genetic and psycho-spiritual ramifications with the media assistance of researchers such as Dr. Michael E. Salla and David Wilcock. My own dreams since childhood and subsequent UFO encounters fuel a hunger to understand these anomalies and mysteries. After my entire family had an intense and prolonged UFO encounter back in the mid to late 1960s, I jumped down into the mythic rabbit hole. Found myself in a warren of rabbit holes.

When my Mother saw what I was doing, she jumped in with me to protect me and help guide the way. Altho she didn’t quite know what she searched for, she encouraged me to explore “but be careful.” Many things I have studied and experienced since then, especially as a profoundly hard-of-hearing and brain-damaged child gifted with the language of Silence began to make sense as I recognized seemingly disparate events and teachings and experiences not as haphazard random pieces but interlocking pieces to a Kosmic jigsaw puzzle. It became apparent this is a puzzle with multidimensional properties and structures.

This convergence brought forth a resurgence of the teachings of Edgar Cayce, which so inspired both my Mother and my second Mother-in-Law. This in turn opened me to the teachings of the Blue Avians and the Sphere Being Alliance as they echo those of Ra and the Law of One. Gaiam TV, an alternative media outlet with a focus on the positive although negative forces are exposed and addressed and not ignored or denied.

Gaiam seeks to empower human beings to intentionally transform themselves and our reality. A reawakening of the messages of the Ancient and Medieval Gnostic Christians also play a major role in influencing this creation. Understanding the Wisdom of those so deeply present so long ago including deeper understandings of the unfortunate distortions of both Christianity and Luciferianism as well as the power of our minds.

My experiences demonstrate to me what we call in various terms the Afterlife, Heaven and Hell, the Summerland, the Astral planes, Nirvana, the Spiritual Realms are, for lack of better terminology, different dimensions, densities, and vibrations accessed by consciousness. These realms team with life, non-biological perhaps yet very much alive, of all kinds. What we call “God,” by so many names from many different pantheons and genders, is a Cooperative of Individuals, all divine and self-aware. This integration is a unified whole, the heart of Oneness. This is neither true nor false, nor is it right or wrong. It is experience.

This is my recognition of what is so and of the message I feel compelled to share: we are all One, and all is One.

This message is a work in play. None of these teachings and realizations are new. They have been taught before by many others and become entrapped in the toxic mud of fanaticism, righteousness, religion, and politics. It may and likely will change. Nothing remains dead forever, not even death. All is alive. Life lives everywhere life empowers itself to live. Remember we are all alive and live as many of one. Life as many of one does not make us less one. Life as many of one makes us more whole as many full expressions of One.





William Dudley Bass
Seattle, Washington, Earth
Sunday 8 November 2015
Creative Commons (CC) 2015.
Share, pass this forward, and practice.
Always acknowledge the Source. My Stand
Is we all help establish Wise Stewardship of and for our
Earth and Solarian Commons.
Thank you.

If you have received this work from someone as a print-out or a file or in some other form, All is One, is also found on my website at:



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2 thoughts on “All is One

    • Kurt, you’re welcome. Thank you for the sparks of insight your readings from Nisargadatta’s chapter. I felt as if we were all part of the same team waking up from deep slumbers within our vessel as it journeys deeper into the Kosmos. It’s more important, certainly now, to remember what and who we are, what is another and others, what is life, and, indeed, what is consciousness – more so than where we came from or were told we were once supposed to go.

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