A Retrospective: Political Parties and an Endorsement for the American Presidency 2008

Postscript as Belated Prologue: Voting for Barack Obama for U.S. President proved to be one of the biggest and most embarrassing mistakes of my life. As I write this almost 5 years after I once endorsed this man, I’ve come to loathe Obama as much as I despised Bush I & II. I’ve since disowned the Democrats as well as the Republicans and wish them both a speedy death into the garbage cans of history. In the wake of the still-ongoing Great Global Recession with its corresponding economic, financial, environmental, and social turmoil, I’ve also disavowed and spurned Capitalism.

All attempts to reform Capitalism with the most generous and heartfelt of intentions failed. Finance Capitalism still wins out. FC is also known as Predatory, Disaster, and Crony Capitalism for a reason. Capitalism conquers Democracy and leads to Fascism and Imperialism New, reformed kinds of cooperative Socialism and Neo-Communism is far more desirable. In 2012, I voted against President Obama and for Dr. Jill Stein of the Green Party. Obama won, and I became further engaged in the Green Party of Seattle.

I feel the Greens stand the best chance these days to build pragmatic bridges between the Far Left and the Mainstream Middle where I live in the United States of America. I would say the same thing in regards to the Libertarians as building bridges between the traditional, conserve-Conservatives and Libertarians of the Far Right and the Mainstream Middle. What follows serves as the power of illusion, desperation, manipulated rebellion, and, yes, the deliberate deception and continual betrayal of the American people as well as the rest of Earth. ~ the Author, 19 July 2013.

December of 2011 is half over now, and the Election of 2012 is already in overdrive. As a group, the Republicans have seen many of their candidates make fools of themselves. The Democrats demonstrate an astounding lack of spine and decisiveness. Together they antagonize the general American Public. Nor have the Green Party, the Libertarians, or even an Independent party emerged with viable candidates.

Certainly there isn’t anyone who ignites people with passion and vision. The other minor parties field extremists who may in all fairness have a few good ideas but also many terrible and certain impractical ones. New groups have emerged fielding alternative ways to choosing our leaders, such as the Americans Elect and the Win Win Revolution (see their URLs below).

The Tea Party revolt was hijacked by the ultraconservative superrich and after a great noise faded from prominence. The Occupy Wall Street movement exploded worldwide and made an even greater ruckus, initially appealed to a broad majority of American citizens. Support for OWS may be fading.

Police intimidation combined with a growing perception among the 99% the general assemblies of those groups camping in public spaces may be internally hijacking OWS with their own radical agendas. Efforts to unite both “TP & OWS” by Venn diagram-wielding visionaries have yet to bear results. It’s still too early to tell what will arise come Spring from the Winter of both groups.

At this point Rep. Ron Paul is surging to the ascendency and is one point behind Newt Gingrich in a recent poll in Iowa. Nationally, Paul is riding rough upon the heels of both Newt and Mitt Romney. Both are upending the Republicans.

I can’t stand Newt, although he cleaves the air with a formidable samurai sword intellect. His message is inconsistent and ever changing. He’s a Neo-Conservative out for blood, iron, and mud.

Ron Paul is a decent and ethical man. He’s comfortable with himself out on the world stage, and has mastered understanding the arcane power dynamics of the Federal Reserve, the IRS, and the military-industrial-intelligence complex. I do not agree with his views on immigration, energy, and the environment, yet I stand up and applaud his desire to restore the rule of law via the United States Constitution. His distinction between non-intervention, which he supports, and isolationism, which he opposes, is a breath of fresh air.

I feel more in alignment on the issues with most, though not all, of Rep. Dennis Kucinich’s views. I disagree with his stand on raising taxes, or even having taxes at all, for example, especially knowing he is aware of the Fed ruinous pillaging of our monetary system. I do applaud his stand for the Constitution, for non-intervention in endless wars, and for wise stewardship of our environment.

Kucinich, however, while he is a ferocious fighter and a brilliant mind, lacks the power to take on President Obama or any of the other mainstream Neo-Liberals. Obama dominates the Donkeys at this point. But Paul is scrambling into the driver’s seat of the Grand Ole Elephant. Anything can change, of course, with the global economy in prolonged crises with the threat of serious regional wars brewing yet again in Asia.

Obama makes me cringe, especially as I voted for him. My wife and I seriously considered making the journey from Seattle, WA to Washington, DC for Obama’s Inauguration. We chose to remain in the Pacific Northwest.

As President, Obama’s perfectly timed cave-ins and lack of decisiveness makes me angry enough to fire him. His about-face on so many issues includes his surrender to the Neo-Con/Neo-Lib cabals and the military-industrial-intelligence complex regarding his initial opposition to the dangerously mislabeled and neo-fascist National Defense Authorization Act.

Barack Obama’s performance as President, in spite of a few successes, is among the greatest disappointments of a generation. From a standpoint of foreign and domestic war and surveillance policies he is little different from his predecessor. He worked with the Wall Street and Federal Reserve Banksters to bail out corporate fat cats and financial swine while allowing the Main Street of middle and working class America to die off. What the Global Financial Elite and their Allies pulled off is tantamount to socio-economic eugenics.

Gifted with commanding presence, a razor-sharp mind, and a mastery of information, he failed in reaching out to build constructive relationships not only with his constituents and those in his own party, he failed to reach out to the opposition, to governors and mayors, to the Pentagon, to the Congress. Successful politicians in a democratic republic learn to compromise and leverage relationships and to lead in different ways. They learn to shape legislation, execute commands, and implement strategies. They direct and network. They allow others to take credit as well as themselves. And to do so without compromising their core values or prostituting themselves to special interest groups in exchange for campaign contributions and other “donations” and “gifts.”

I fell for Obama’s brilliant oratory, and was turned off by his inability to sustain connections, leverage relationships, and dismiss his supporters as vital pillars of what could have been, a revolt against the Global Financial and Power Elite and their stranglehold on America and Europe. It became clear nauseatingly soon the new President was as much a puppet of the Corporatocracy and the Banksters as were the Bushes. Almost as bad, he failed to properly lead and delegated to Congress many of the powers of POTUS. Obama thus relied upon the Legislative to Execute what he was expected to lead and implement.

As I’ve come to feel all political parties must be banned from running candidates and pushing referendums as well as get corporations and unions out of government politics, as I feel significant election reform is urgent, I won’t vote to re-elect the man I once supported. I revoke my 2008 endorsement of Barak Obama. Nor would I’ve voted for McCain-Palin as those two would’ve been far worse. I will not vote at all for any so-called “lesser of two evils” crap, either.

Elections do not make a republic democratic or make a republic a democracy. Earth has had Nazi, Communist, Fascist, and Islamist nation-state regimes where elections were staged with great fanfare in its recent past. Events may unfold of such a severe nature I may feel compelled to change my mind, of course, but I will not vote for a RepDem candidate unless it is Ron Paul or Dennis Kucinich. If those two are shut out yet again, I may vote for the Greens or the Libertarians. If one votes his or her conscience, then no such vote is ever wasted.

So we turn back to the article I penned back in October of 2008. It’s fascinating as well as to feel a certain chagrin to review the events and perceptions of that time. I feel great sadness at what could have been done but wasn’t. Here goes, and let’s further our understanding so we may deliberate with greater discernment in 2012 for an American candidate who puts his country before his party. Thank you.


I endorse Obama.

I stand for the man who has the courage and the vision to take on the issue of race, who calls for the world to come together to solve our now global challenges, who recognizes that to solve the energy issue also addresses our environmental and economic problems, and who made it clear to our best military commanders that if elected President he would be their Commander in Chief.

As a proud Independent voter, as a citizen of the United States of America, I have over the years cast my ballot for Republicans, Democrats, Greens, Libertarians, and various Independents. I am not a member of any political party and share George Washington’s disdain for political parties.

The first American president distrusted factions competing for power leaving strife and division in their wake. Yet political parties have become a necessary part of the political landscape worldwide. Quite simply they have the resources to leverage candidates into office.

Perhaps in some future time candidates with little resources with no party affiliation will have the technological power to market themselves to the world from whatever evolves from today’s Internet. Such a possibility would return political power to the individual, and yet that for now is a mere dream.

We humans are social animals. Thus it’s only natural for people to come together and work for common causes and mutual agendas. From this social networking today’s powerful political parties have evolved to foster their respective visions and agendas. And so I choose to work with them without being a member of any one of them. In the primaries, for example, I supported both Republican Representative Ron Paul of Texas and Democratic Representative Dennis Kucinich from Ohio.

Both were staunch supporters of the Constitution and of revolutionary new ways of dealing with the world. Ron Paul was a traditional conservative, and Dennis Kucinich a visionary progressive. I knew eventually I would have to choose between them. The mainstream mass media, however, alternately ridiculed and ignored both and banished them to the fringes.

Senators McCain and Obama battled their way to their respective nominations. With so much at stake I knew I could not in good conscience vote for a Libertarian, Independent, or Green candidate.

As such I endorse Illinois Senator Barack Hussein Obama for President of the United States of America. I endorse Delaware Senator Joe Biden for Vice-President. Both candidates represent the Democratic Party. I feel and think Sen. Obama is by far the most dynamic and compelling candidate for President and Sen. Biden for Vice-President.

There are indeed specific issues I am not at all supportive of regarding these two, such as corporate control over much of the electoral process including the corporate grip on both mainstream parties with the same large corporations contributing to both parties.

There are certain actions by Obama I am disappointed in, such as voting for FISA (the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act) and not publicly disavowing torture of prisoners. Although Obama is a Constitutional scholar, he has not publicly condemned the Bush-Cheney Regime for systematically undermining the US Constitution.

He has not advocated the radical changes necessary to address the current global financial crisis such as to bring the Federal Reserve System and the Money Power under Federal and thus public control and establishing a set and determined fixed measure of value for the free-floating and falling U.S. dollar. He continues to advocate the same Free Trade policies of the Corporatocracy instead of Fair Trade, although he stands for “fairness.”

Nor has he heeded calls to further investigate real discrepancies regarding the terrorist attacks of 9/11. There are controversial allegations regarding the location of his birth including that he had his Hawaiian Birth Certificate and his college records sealed from public scrutiny. He continues to rely upon key Neo-Liberals such as Zbigniew Brzezinski for advice and stated he would also turn to arch Neo-Conservative Henry Kissinger for counsel, two dominant figures of empire, war, and intrigue.

Sen. Obama represents a mainstream political party as dominated by the Corporatocracy and special interest groups as its rival the Republicans. Key leaders of both the US Democratic and Republican Parties hold membership in the same so-called “secret societies” including the Trilateral Commission, the Council on Foreign Relations, and the Bilderberger Group.

Even so, this time I refuse to make the mistake I made in the Election of 2000 by voting for Ralph Nader and the Green Party instead of Al Gore and the Democrats who actually won the popular vote and contested the electoral. The US Supreme Court stopped the vote count and threw the election to George W. Bush in the so-called Republican Coup and the Neo-Cons seized power. I will not make that same mistake twice. Yes, politics is politics, the game of taking power, and voting sometimes challenges one to make decisions based upon pragmatic reality as well as character and ideological stances.

I’ve already voted via absentee ballot for Barack Obama and Joe Biden. I feel McCain-Palin would be a disaster not only for our country but also for the world. Obama is cool under pressure and doesn’t hesitate to ask questions from people who may know more than he. He has matured in his ability to think on his feet and trust his gut instincts, as his recent and respectful debate with Army General David Petraeus over military strategy in Iraq demonstrated. As President Harry Truman had to do with General Douglas McArthur during the Korean War, Obama made it clear that if elected President he was the Commander in Chief. (1)

While he often appears cerebral and up in his head and has been criticized for not connecting from his heart, Obama nevertheless is a master orator and has time and again demonstrated his depth and power in connecting with large crowds of hundreds of thousands of people. For the first time in history, thanks in part to technology, an American candidate becomes in a sense the world’s candidate. If a planetary election for a democratic world republic were to be held today, Obama would win hands down.

The global Obamamania is a reflection of American’s iconic position upon the planet today and the hope America is restored once more to it’s statue as a beacon of hope and freedom for the world, not a corporate-dominated giant that tortures prisoners and chips and slashes away at the freedoms of its own people. Hope for America becomes hope for Earth.

On March 18, 2008 Obama delivered his famous “race speech” from Philadelphia. He calls it “A More Perfect Union.” This was a landmark speech addressing the proverbial elephant in the American living room, and it convinced me more than any other. Race isn’t just the American elephant; it’s the world’s monster. And it isn’t just race, it is also religion, gender, socio-economic class, sexual orientation, ethnicity, whatever divides people and divides people violently. These metaphorical elephants are used to justify put-downs, oppression, and tyranny. They are used to deny human beings liberty, opportunity, and the pursuit of happiness.

Obama himself is of mixed race. Born in Hawaii, his mother was a White woman of European descent from the American state of Kansas. His father was a Black man from the Luo tribe from the East African nation of Kenya.

Scientists claim that from a biological perspective there is no such thing as “race.” Genetic research demonstrates race is a cultural construct. And Obama courageously addressed the painful reality of this construct, a divide that exists more in our negative imaginations than in physical reality.

Obama’s speech in Berlin was another turning point. On July 24, 2008 he addressed the crowd as a “citizen” and called for people all around the world to come together as one to solve planet wide problems. In fact, his Berlin speech was titled “A World that Stands as One.” We have a global convergence of challenges unique in human history, and Obama recognizes that on some level we all need to grow up as a species to the next level of planetary cooperation to resolve these issues.

While Obama realized the Global War on Terror has turned into a disaster with the war in Iraq a colossal blunder, he also realizes it would be irresponsible to simply pull out and leave without cleaning up the mess. A number of other international crises loom and not just those in the Middle East and South Asia but also the expanding hornet’s nest of interconnected wars in Central Africa including Congo. Struggles to avoid a Second Great Depression and to launch his Manhattan Project and Apollo Mission style energy and health care initiatives will also consume his attention.

This particular presidential election is fraught with danger. We slide toward possible economic collapse, environmental catastrophe, and messy wars. Rumors abound of President George W. Bush and his Neo-Con cabal declaring martial law and suspending not only the Constitution but also the election itself. While I can not imagine why George Bush would want to stay in office a day longer than he is supposed to after all the debacles on his watch, I also can not imagine that the Neo-Conservative cabal will simply just pack up its bags and walk away from its massive accumulation of executive and military power.

Nor can I imagine far right wing White supremacist and Christian Dominionist groups staying silent and peaceful. And should John McCain and Sarah Palin win, legitimately or by fraud, I cannot imagine the American street staying silent and peaceful. We have become increasingly polarized and divided as a nation. In a worst-case scenario, riots, coup attempts, military intervention in domestic civil unrest, domestic terrorism, racial strife, and even civil war is possible. All of which would further sully America’s standing in the world.

I urge all of us to stay calm in the face of the unknown. Fear often is False Evidence Appearing Real and dwells within our own imaginations. Let us all reign in fear and face forward with courage. Let all of us Liberals, Conservatives, Progressives, and Independents stand together for our collective and individual liberty and for our American Constitution. And get out there and vote anyway.


1) Klein, Joe. “Why Barack Obama is Winning.” Time.com. 22 October 2008. <http://www.time.com/time/politics/article/0,8599,1853025,00.html>.

See also:

Americans Elect 2012: Real Issues, Real Candidates, Real Choice. Americans Elect lets you choose a leader who puts country before party. <http://www.americanselect.org/>.

Win Win Revolution: The Future We’ve All Been Fighting For. <http://winwinrevolution.org/>.


William Dudley Bass
First posted 2 November 2008
Revised and reposted 15 December 2011
Postscript added 19 July 2013
Seattle, Washington

NOTE: This article was originally published as “On Political Parties and an Endorsement for the American Presidency” on one of my older blogs, At the Brink with William Dudley Bass at,
http://atthebrinkwithwilliamdudleybass.blogspot.com/2008/11/on-political-parties-and-endorsement.html on 2 November 2008. It was revised, expanded, and re-published here this December 2011. A Postscript as Prologue was added to this essay this July 2013. Thank you.


Copyright © 2008, 2011, 2013, 2016 by William Dudley Bass. All Rights Reserved until we Humans establish Wise Stewardship of and for our Earth and Solarian Commons. Thank you.





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