Trump Usurped the Presidency when the Electoral College Failed America




Donald Trump usurped the Presidency of the United States of America. He did so by exploiting divisions and corruption within the two dominant parties. Trump ascended to the  Oval Office upon the backs of the Electoral College as the electors failed to properly vet the candidates and failed to vet them independent of party and state pressure. The Electoral College of the United States failed not because Trump lost the popular vote by the largest margin in history to carry 77 more state delegates than Hillary Clinton or anyone else to win the EC vote. Thus Trump was declared POTUS with the assumption the Electoral College did its job. It did not.

The EC failed America and yes, Earth, by failing to do its Constitutional duty. As such the EC failed to consider all of America’s presidential candidates, not just those from the Democrat-Republican Duopoly, i.e. the Two-Headed Snake in bed with the Giant Octopus of Big Business and Bigger Banks. This Duopoly distracts us all with its superficial drama while deep down below “the two heads” the body of the snake quietly and pursues its agenda. This pursuit is nearly unconsciously and habitual as if programmed from long ago. As an expression of Duopoly control, the Electoral College failed to deliberate over the candidates’ qualifications and character. The EC electors failed to even consider any of the strengths, weaknesses, and integrity of any of the women and men competing to become POTUS and VPOTUS to best determine who shall most faithfully execute the responsibilities and carry the burdens of such high offices. If the electors had done so, both Clinton and Trump would most likely have been dismissed as not worthy of the office. Unethical if not illegal practices became habitual over the years to eventually become normalized. What became normalized became established and accepted as “real” and thus “legal.” The Constitution gives little guidance to the otherwise helter-skelter structure of America’s overlapping jurisdictions in regards to the Electoral College.

The EC was designed by wealthy adult White male Capitalist revolutionaries to prevent demagogues and what they feared as those demagogues’ rabid mobs of ignorant and dangerous goons from the so-called lower classes from storming the political process to take over the country. The EC allowed itself instead to be manipulated by the Fifty States and by two corporatocratic political parties to allow Donald Trump to usurp the Presidency. Events since January 2017, a mere four months ago, have cemented the disastrous results of the Electoral College process as yet another example why we must abolish this institution.

Meanwhile, the country’s gone nuts in a world already on fire. It is as if the nation’s mind is seriously afflicted with the political and financial equivalent of toxoplasmosis parasites and brain tapeworms. This is yet another example of a much deeper malaise: so many of our actions arise from fear, hurt, greed, anger, and reactivity rather than from love, forgiveness, acceptance, courage, and responsiveness. This point is acknowledged here and is best served for another time.

The Electoral College of the United States nearly fractured in early January 2017 thanks to the lack of courage and foresight among many electors. The electors allowed themselves to be intimidated by the State regimes to vote for one of the two dastardly primary party candidates. “Nearly fractured” is not the same as “fractured,” obviously, but enough EC electors threatened to vote their conscience for whom they felt would be the best for their state or threatened some kind of mutiny some were removed by their state regimes and replaced with docile and obedient people. Yes, the states suppressed elector independence as well as full vetting of the various candidates.

Imagine being told you would not be allowed to vote unless corporatocratic political party operatives in control of any one of the fifty American state regimes, a corrupt setup that would have appalled those Founding Fathers who opposed political parties in the first place, commanded you to cast your ballot for a particular candidate. And you thought you lived in a democratic republic, albeit a capitalist one, where one puts country before party.

Despite all of the obstacles placed before them, seven electors survived attempts or threats to remove them from the EC to cast their vote for candidates other than the one from their party. None of the seven voted for either Clinton or Trump. They came closer than any of their colleagues to vet at least some candidates. One Republican elector stood up and dared the other electors of the College to vote their conscience to prevent Trump from becoming President. Clinton received 232 Electoral College votes. Trump, however, received 306 votes. Trump carried more states and counties while Clinton carried more of the population who actually voted. None of these hundreds of electors, however, gathered as an actual college to vet all of the candidates and then deliberate amongst themselves for whom would best serve the interests of the American people and their United States. Most of them voted for the political party they represented rather than on behalf of the population of their state. They obeyed the demands and expectations projected by the political machinery and governments of the states, all controlled by the Democrat-Republican Duopoly. Indeed to not do so would have those electors be branded as “faithless electors,” as were those seven “rebel electors.”

Political parties were not supposed to dominate government and political systems. Yet networks of wealthy capitalist oligarchs control two of these parties. As such “their” Republicans and Democrats rule and distort the electoral process. Voting in America is a shameful and asinine mockery of democracy. Instead of voting for one despotic puppet one gets to choose between two despotic puppets cloaked with illusions of liberty, prosperity, and peace for all. The Dem-Rep Duopoly dominates all Fifty States and thus determines for whom EC electors must vote.

Enough electors cast their votes without any attempt to deliberate to thus select Donald Trump as the next President. They did so even tho Trump LOST and LOST BIG by THREE MILLION votes! In an election riddled with accusations of electoral fraud by both sides, too. Ironically much of the current evidence beginning to emerge damns the Republicans altho they’re the one crying fraud the most and the loudest as the Democrats seek to point out Russian interference in the 2016 Election. The United States Electoral College of constitutional, capitalist, quasi-democratic republic thus elected a loser as President. Continue reading “Trump Usurped the Presidency when the Electoral College Failed America” »